The Medes (Master of European Design) programme involves several European universities, including Politecnico di Milano and aims at establishing processes and methods for the selection and for the multidisciplinary training of motivated students with excellent Design skills, who are given the possibility of experiencing the training platforms and professional, cultural and social contexts of the countries of the partner universities.


The partners of the Medes programme are:

  • Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki (Finland)
  • Köln International Scool of Design - KISD, Cologne (Germany)
  • The Glasgow School of Art, GSA Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Konstfack University College of Arts, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • ENSCI, Les Ateliers, Paris (France)
  • Universidad de Aveiro, Aveiro (Portugal)

Students selected for the programme, according to the rules laid down by the Academic Regulations, carry out four semesters of study at two partner institutes, thus gaining a broader view of the practices, of the methods and of the opportunities for research and training in different contexts. As different educational systems may vary, the programmes need to be analysed closely, in order to understand similarities and differences and hence establish a series of rules and instruments aimed at facilitating the interchange of resources and skills, especially at higher educational levels.

Medes applies to the third and to the fourth year of a five-year study programme (the third year of the degree and the first year of the Master's degree), offering Politecnico an opportunity for exchange at an international level. In this way, Medes sets out to train design graduates having the intellectual, cultural and technical skills required to work in professional environments in European and in international contexts.

Teaching methods

Students join the Study Programmes of the partner universities at different levels, depending on the training content and methods offered by each site. Students can join the programme on the third year of their Bachelor of Science and the first year of their Master of Science degree.

Outgoing Politecnico students follow the curricular content offered by the programme of the respective partner university, including theoretical courses, project laboratories, intensive workshops, plus all support activities (especially in terms of language and culture) required to ensure rapid integration. The same applies to foreign students entering Politecnico. In addition to the local training programme, Medes students take part in activities provided by the network, such as the annual workshop scheduled in the spring months and held in turn at the various locations, attended by all the lecturers and students involved. The annual joint workshop is also an opportunity to discuss "hot topics" concerning design practices and research in the international arena, to take in the international spirit of the programme and to discuss the current state and development of the network.

Recognition of the study periods

Students participating in the project will automatically be regarded as having attended the first year of study at a partner university, as prescribed by the Erasmus platform. The second year, for which scholarships are not provided, will instead be recognised - following a joint assessment at the university of origin or at a common site to be established for all participants - by the committee in charge of the evaluation procedure, in agreement and in compliance with the respective educational programmes. The international training programme will entitle students to a diploma supplement to the Master of Science qualification awarded by Politecnico di Milano.