Created in 1996, Athens network (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/SOCRATES) is made up of 14 prestigious technical European universities. Initially funded thanks to the European Community Socrates Programme, its mission is to facilitate the exchange of students, of professors, of researchers within the network and to encourage integration, cooperation and the creation of innovative projects for the technological development of Europe. 

What is Athens

Hundreds of workshops organized in 14 different European universities. A team of professors that propose innovative engineering, design and architecture projects. A group of students from all over Europe. A weekend of activities to get to know the culture of the host country. These are the main ingredients of the Athens week, the Athens network program which includes intensive one-week workshops held simultaneously in all Athens partner universities. The workshops are attended by students from all over Europe and, where possible, also by local students. An excellent way to integrate and to broaden your educational and cultural horizon by trying, even if only for a short time, what it means to study abroad.

There are two Athens sessions per year: one in March and one in November. Each includes the carrying out of an intensive scientific course of about 30 hours and participation in any cultural activities organized by the partner centers. The courses are offered by the universities, while travel, food and accommodation are at your expense. However, you can ask the host university to find you accommodation at reduced costs.

Look at the courses offered and the estimated costs on the website and participate in the Athens call.

At the end of the workshop you can get the credits obtained according to the methods of each School recognized.

How to apply

To apply, carefully follow the procedures described in the call for application. 

ATTENTION: you must apply both in the Politecnico application indicated in the call for applications and on the athens network portal.

How the selection process works

If you have submitted your application, you will participate in two selection phases:

1st phase: a first pre-selection by the Politecnico di Milano based on the results achieved in the studies (average and CFU). After this first phase, the list of pre-selected students will be published.

2nd phase: students pre-selected by our University will subsequently be evaluated by the central office in Paris by a commission of representatives of ParisTech, the consortium of French universities that coordinates the program. 

The Politecnico di Milano has no influence in this second selection phase.

PLEASE NOTE - For selected students, participation is mandatory.


The call for the Athens programme for the session from 16th to 23th March 2024 is closed. Next session in November 2024


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