Life Sciences

LS2_11 Bioinformatics and computational biology

LS2_12 Biostatistics

LS2_15 Integrative biology for personalised medicine

LS2_16 Innovative methods and modelling in integrative biology

LS3_7 Mechanobiology of cells, tissues and organs

LS3_9 Cell differentiation, formation of tissues and organs

LS4_1 Organ and tissue physiology and pathophysiology

LS4_10 The cardiovascular system and cardiovascular diseases

LS5_10 Ageing of the nervous system

LS5_13 Nervous system injuries and trauma, stroke

LS5_18 Innovative methods and tools for neuroscience

LS5_3 Neural development and related disorders

LS5_5 Neural networks and plasticity

LS5_7 Sensory systems, sensation and perception, including pain

LS7_10 Preventative and prognostic medicine

LS7_14 Digital medicine, e-medicine, medical applications of artificial intelligence

LS7_2 Medical technologies and tools (including genetic tools and biomarkers) for prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases

LS7_5 Applied gene, cell and immune therapies

LS7_6 Other medical therapeutic interventions, including transplantation

LS8_10 Ecology and evolution of species interactions

LS8_4 Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics

LS9_10 Veterinary and applied animal sciences

LS9_2 Applied bioengineering, synthetic biology, chemical biology, nanobiotechnology, metabolic engineering, protein and glyco-engineering, tissue engineering, biocatalysis, biomimetics

LS9_4 Microbial biotechnology and bioengineering

LS9_5 Food biotechnology and bioengineering

LS9_7 Environmental biotechnology and bioengineering

LS9_8 Applied plant sciences, plant breeding, agroecology and soil biology