Deductions and reimbursement

Academic Year 2023/2024

Deduction of the expenses for university training

The expenses for university education and training are considered expenses for which it is recognized a tax deduction of 19%

For the payments made through the PagoPa platform you can download the electronic receipt from the Online Services (see "University fees and economic benefits" and select "Payment history").

Alternatively, you can download from the Online Services a "Receipt" eventually subject to stamp duty:

  • for amounts less than 77.47 €, you can save a copy of the receipt by clicking on "Save Receipt"
  • for higher amounts you must first pay a stamp duty of 2 €. Use the "Certified stamp duty payment" function that allows you to access the PagoPa platform to make tha payment. When the stamp duty payment has been recognised, the "Save Receipt" function will be made available.

Please note that the data related to the tuition fees paid must be communicated to the Internal Revenue Office for their inclusion in the pre-completed 730. The university expenses communicated concern the total expenses in the calendar year for the enrollment, taxes and university contributions without reimbursements related to the expenses during the same calendar year.

Students that do not want (see Internal Revenue Office), to include such data in the pre-completed declaration, may communicate it within the period set by the Internal Revenue Office following its instructions.

The Administrative Offices of Politecnico di Milano do not provide further information regarding the income tax return. For more detailed information, contact the Internal Revenue Office or the service provider in charge for the related income tax return. 


The student to ensure you receive the reimbursement, please specify your preferred payment method by accessing the Online Services > Data> Payment method management. Please update your existing information if necessary. Without this information, it will not be possible to credit the amount due.

Please note: the current account must be in the student’s name.

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