Disability and SpLD

The annual observance of the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”, on 3 December, was proclaimed in 1992 by the United Nations General Council which aims to promote the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Politecnico di Milano is once again organizing a schedule of awareness events to support students with disabilities and DSA.

  • 4th DECEMBER 04.30 PM Classroom L09, Building B12 – Bovisa La Masa Campus
    LA MECCANICA DELL’INCLUSIONE. Come l’ingegneria può aiutare a superare le barriere legate a diverse forme di disabilità
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  • 5th DECEMBER 03.00 PM Online
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  • 5th DECEMBER 05.30 PM Aula Magna Rectorate, Building 1 – Leonardo Campus
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Within the Politecnico di Milano, specialised support for students with disabilities and SpLD (Specific Learning Disorders) is guaranteed by a multidisciplinary team that develops customised plans and provides ad hoc technical and educational services, from sitting the entrance tests and throughout their academic career. The service also includes a specific counselling programme related to post-graduate job placement, putting the student directly in contact with companies.


  • Psycho-pedagogical services:
    • Familiarisation with the specific disability and learning disorder profile
    • Analysis of specific needs, expectations and requirements with reference to clinical documentation and individual discussion
    • Psychological and didactic support with dedicated mentoring available
    • Mediation with teaching staff for individualised planning and evaluation of agreed upon solutions
    • Monitoring and follow up
  • IT service
    • Shared identification of hardware and/or software solutions useful for active participation and autonomous use of educational activities
    • Providing customised assistive technology
  • Accessibility verification service
    • Accessibility verification for areas dedicated to educational activities and university life
    • Dedicated accompaniment within university Campuses
    • Authorisation of reserved parking spaces
    • Verification of specific needs for access to halls of residence
  • Administrative support service
    • Certification and clinical documentation verification when registering for the admissions tests and in the case of fee exemptions (see the section dedicated to future students)
    • Handling of requests for any agreed compensatory tools for examinations
    • Administrative assistance in coordination with the respective University services, in case of particular criticalities
  • Placement service dedicated to students, graduating students and recent graduates in protected job programmes (apprenticeships, internships and work placements):
    • Implementation of a network of public and private sector organisations to foster matching between supply and demand
    • Career guidance and accompaniment in the evaluation of internship/job offers compatible with the disability profile
    • Verification of accessibility and suitability of the working environment
    • Monitoring and follow up

Useful documents

  • International Policy
  • Guidelines for the Politecnico Schools to support students with disability or learning disorders;
  • Disability: legal framework
    • Law No 18 of 3 march 2009, “'Ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol approved on 13 December 2006 in New York and signed by Italy on 30 March 2007” > recognition of equal opportunity and non-discrimination rights
    • Law 104/92 “Framework law for assistance, social integration and the rights of persons with disabilities” > recognises and protects the rights of disabled people to be included in social life at all stages of their lives, including in education
    • Law 17/99 “Integration and amendment of the framework law No 104 of 5 February 1992 for assistance, social integration and the rights of persons with disabilities” > outlines the financial support for disabled students who are interested in studying at university
    • Law 68/99 “Rules for the right to work of disabled people” > promoting the inclusion and integration of disabled people into the labour market through targeted support and placement services
  • SpDL: legal framework
    • Law 170/2010 “New regulations on specific learning disorders in schools” > guarantees the right to education, promotes success in school and promotes the development of potential
    • Ministerial Decree 12 July 2011: Decree implementing Law 170/2010
  • The right words - Media and persons with disabilities


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