Student contribution

Academic year 2023/2024

In order to enroll for an academic year, you must pay the following contributions: 

  • stamp duty (16.00€), in accordance with the law
  • regional tax for diritto allo studio (140.00€)
  • the insurance coverage against accidents (3.78€ download the insurance ) and thefts (7.26€ download the insurance )
  • the so-called "all-inclusive contribution" to cover educational, scientific and administrative services

The total amount (given by the sum of all contributions to be paid) must be paid in 2 instalments only (it is not possible to split the amount in further instalments): 1st instalment of 888.59€ (except in cases where the student can request a reduction, pursuant to the Budget Law 2017 as subsequently amended and supplemented - see below); 2nd variable instalment by which the student pays the remaining amount.

The annual all-inclusive contribution is equal to 3,726.00€. This amount, however, must be fully paid only by a limited number of students; in most cases, there is the possibility of financial aid that allows to reduce the contribution of a significant amount, as explained below.


  • information about taxes for single courses are available in the section dedicated to Future students
  • for the students registered for Online Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) (IOL): registration for the OnLine Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) in computer science envisages, besides payment of the ordinary fee (varying depending on one’s income and on the number of annual credits contemplated by the study plan), an additional fixed fee of € 1500 per year to access the online services. It follows that the first instalment for the students registering for the IOL laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programme will be EUR 1,888.59. Check out the website

Students employed by the Public Administration

Students employed by the Public Administration who express their wish to enrol by paying to the subsidised all-inclusive contribution, the amount to pay is € 1,000, in addition to payment of the regional tax, stamp duty and insurance fee. The amount is fixed and not dependent on other career elements (ECTS %, payment of the all-inclusive contribution by instalments, exemption according to Law 232/2016 as amended and supplemented, further exemptions and special aid, etc.).

Those enrolled in the Online Computer Engineering (IOL) Laurea programme (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) paying the subsidised all-inclusive contribution are also required to pay € 1,000 for using the platform and the special tutoring service. The choice to pay subsidised all-inclusive contribution is renewed automatically for the following academic years, unless the student concerned expressly requests revocation.

Financial aid that allow to reduce the all-inclusive contribution

1 - The weight of university educational credits (ECTS)

The all-inclusive contribution must be paid for the 100% of the amount only in case of Study Plans with a number of University Educational Credits (ECTS) between 46 and 74. For part-time students (ECTS less than 46) reductions are available; for students with a number of ECTS more than 74, an additional payment is provided.

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2 - Partial or total exemption according to ISEE - Equivalent economic status indicator value (law 232/2016 - stability law)

The budget law 2017 (L. 232/2016), as subsequently amended and supplemented, provides the possibility to require the total or partial exemption of payment, only for the all-inclusive contribution (the other contributions - stamp duty, regional tax, insurances - must be paid in any case). For 1st year students, the exemption depends exclusively on the ISEE value. For students of subsequent years to the first one, it depends on the ISEE value and other factors (such as the credits obtained and the number of years of enrollment).

Non-EU students of the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of  Science) Programmes with first-level qualification obtained abroad, admitted without any economic benefit, must pay the full all-inclusive contribution.

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3 - Payment by instalments of the all-inclusive contribution with ISEE value

If you are not included in any of the exemption cases mentioned in point 2, you can make request for payment by instalments of the all-inclusive contribution, based on your ISEE value. As to say, the amount is calculated in relation to your income bracket. To obtain the payment by instalments, you must provide the ISEE declaration on your personal page, according to the procedures and deadlines provided, otherwise you must fully pay the all-inclusive amount.

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4 - Total exemption from the all-inclusive contribution for certified disability or impairment

If you have a certified disability rate of 66% or more, or an impairment (*), please contact the Multichance - Equal Opportunities Service by the first instalment due date or by the time you obtain your qualification,at

(*) art. 3, paragraph 1 and 3 of Italian Law No 104, 5 February 1992

5 - Total exemption from the all-inclusive contribution provided for by law 118/1971, article 30

Students from economically disadvantaged households (ISEE - Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator≤ € 22,000):

  • mutilated and disabled civilians with a decrease in working capacity of more than two thirds
  • children of recipients of a disability allowance
  • war orphans, disabled veterans, blind civilians, work or service disabled and their children

The application must be submitted through the channels of Registrar's Office before the first instalment due date or the qualification is obtained.

6 - Further exemptions

On the all-inclusive contribution (but calculated on the basis of the financial aid mentioned above), other exemption solutions can be provided which further reduce the final amount.

Further information

There is also a total exemption of the all-inclusive contribution for foreign students on annual scholarships awarded by the Italian government: contact 

7 - Financial aid for students next to conclusion of their studies

There is also financial aid for students next to conclusion of their studies and for students of Study Programmes with a language certification that allows to continue their studies to the Laurea Magistrale Study Programme.

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Regulations on student fees

ATTENTION: the English translation of the “Contribution Regulation” is only an information aid addressed to international students. From a normative point of view, the Italian version is the one to be considered.

The DSU Call

Every year the call for the Right to Higher Education is also published, which allows to receive scholarships and other economic benefits.