The Politecnico di Milano offers numerous traineeship opportunities, both curricular and extracurricular, in the most varied fields of activity: from research to human resource management; from administration to accounting; from logistics to management control.

The traineeship is an effective on the job training and orientation tool: thanks to the experience in the field, you will be able to learn more about the world of work and gain greater awareness of your professional goals; moreover, you will be able to increase your skills and thus increase your competitiveness on the job market.

The Politecnico di Milano, a pool of high quality and professional human capital, is the right place to achieve these objectives.

In order to make its action even more effective, the Politecnico di Milano has been collaborating for several years with AFOL Metropolitana, the Metropolitan Agency for Training, Guidance and Employment.

AFOL Metropolitana offers a wide range of services in terms of vocational training, orientation and work, built on the needs of citizens and businesses in the area.

As a promoter, AFOL Metropolitana supports the Politecnico di Milano in setting up extracurricular training, orientation and job placement traineeships, committing itself to ensuring the quality and success of the experience. 

Who can apply for a traineeship opportunity

  • Persons enrolled in education or training courses, in case of curricular traineeship
  • Unemployed individuals, including those who have completed upper secondary and tertiary education
  • Workers benefiting from income support
  • Workers at risk of unemployment
  • Persons already employed who are looking for other employment
  • Disabled and disadvantaged peopl