The Gian Paolo Chiusoli Medal goes to Prof. Matteo Maestri

The prestigious award bestowed by the Italian Chemical Society

"For contributions of particular scientific importance in the field of multiscale analysis of catalytic processes". With this justification Prof. Matteo Maestri โ€“ Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano - was awarded the 2022 Gian Paolo Chiusoli Gold Medal.

The prestigious award, established by the Italian Chemical Society on the initiative of the Industrial Chemical Division and the Interdivisional Catalysis Group, is awarded to Italian scientists no older than 45 years of age โ€“ working in university or industrial research centres โ€“ for contributions of particular scientific, innovative or applicative importance in the catalysis sector.

The award was presented on 7 November during the XXII National Congress of the Italian Chemical Society, Industrial Chemical Division held in Catania.