The Politecnico di Milano is a partner of the ANSELMUS project

The project funded by the European agency EURATOM is getting underway

The Politecnico di Milano is one of the partners of ANSELMUS (Advanced Nuclear Safety Evaluation of Liquid Metal Using Systems), a four-year project funded by the research and training programme of the European Atomic Energy Community EURATOM.

The project aims to significantly contribute to the safety assessment of heavy liquid metal (HLM) cooled nuclear systems, in particular ALFRED and MYRRHA, two experimental lead fast reactor (LFR) projects that combine the advantages of a fast reactor system, which reduces the impact of nuclear waste, with intrinsic safety properties due - among other things - to the high boiling point of lead and its chemical inertness.

The study of innovative technologies that are able to guarantee high standards of efficiency and safety in the field of nuclear energy takes on particular importance in the current energy context. The importance of low-carbon energy sources in the challenge against climate change underlines the importance of the presence of nuclear energy in the European energy mix for a sustainable future.

The contact person for the project for the Politecnico di Milano is Professor Marco Ricotti, professor of Nuclear plants; the ANSELMUS project, in addition to the Department of Energy, will also involve that of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
The researchers at the Politecnico di Milano will contribute to the project with a technical-economic-financial analysis to assess the possibility that this type of reactor can operate in a modulation of power through cogeneration. The activity will focus on the possible configurations of the Balance of Plant and ancillary systems for the production of hydrogen and energy storage. Economic modelling will be able to estimate the cost of construction and cogeneration for LFR plants by parameterizing these costs to the power of the plant. Furthermore, risks and opportunities from a financial point of view will be identified in order to derive a business model suitable for the development and implementation of this technology. 

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