Life below water

Examples of teaching activities


In this course students are challenged with the transformation project of a coastal settlements by addressing the relationship between natural open spaces and the built sectors, improving biodiversity and environmental quality; the integration between the coastal ecosystem and the built environment; the mediation between land and sea forces through the configuration of a resilient edge that can adapt and have “dynamic stability” respecting the natural actions; landscape strategies aimed at the prevention of the environmental risks connected with climate change and pollution, with particular attention to the comprehensive reconfiguration of the water management system.  

This course is delivered in the following Degree Programmes: 

  • Landscape Architecture. Land Landscape Heritage 

Examples of research activities


SaFENet - Sustainable Fisheries in EU Mediterranean waters through networks of MPAs evaluated different fishery management tools in the north-west of the Mediterranean Sea in order to identify the practices that best ensure the protection of fish stocks, as well as the socio-economic benefits of both small-scale and industrial fishing. The active involvement of the main stakeholders allowed for the management objectives of the fisheries to be identified and suitably prioritised. The results of the project show that an extension of the protected areas, or the implementation of measures to limit fishing effort, can have positive effects on both the conservation status of the stocks and the profitability of the fishing activity.  

Scientific Coordinator: Paco Melià