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Description of the initiative

1. Premise
The POLIMI‐NNGASU (Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering) Winter Workshops of Politecnico di Milano have the general objective of developing ‐ as a consequence and fulfilment of the agreements between the two Universities ‐ the most relevant issues (economic, social and environmental) that European countries must face in the coming years, in the short and medium term, having as common denominator the will to make a wide use ‐ for their solution ‐ of innovative technologies ‐ in all fields and in all the meanings of employment, but also not to give up quality of life and the significant role of architecture in its broadest implications, which has always characterized the ways of life of these countries, among which Italy on the one hand and Russia on the other have, with different meanings, profound analogies for culture and development in science and technology.

2. Thematic scope
In this sense, the 2019 Workshop intends to focus its attention on two themes, complementary to the above synthetic, yet different in their practical development and architectural outcomes, which concern:
2.1. The need to enhance the historical‐environmental nodes of the territory, which have represented the strength of economic development in the past, recovering them and inserting them (with all their original values) into new territorial relations;
2.2. The need to implement the infrastructural nodes of the communications network by means of new architecture interventions able to express the urban culture that distinguishes our civilizations, against the devastating homologation of (non‐)architecture in the metropolitan
territories of Italy and the rest of the world.

3. Choice of case studies
To this end, the two case studies, emblematic and paradigmatic of the two "needs" mentioned above, have been chosen, which also have the characteristic of representing real and non‐virtual laboratories, thanks to the possibility that the results of the workshop are used for the
regeneration of the currently abandoned plants and areas:
3.1. The former Binda Paper Mill in the Municipality of Vaprio d'Adda, a historical‐environmental node of exceptional economic, productive and environmental value up to a recent past, and now abandoned but potentially included in the Industria 4.0 system of Regione Lombardia;
3.2. The recovery of the former Baslini area in Treviglio as the "District of the 2030 Station", at the intersection of European‐level infrastructural networks such as the "Corridor V", the BreBeMi, and the Spluga route towards Northern Europe.

4. Articulation of the Workshop
The articulation of the works foresees the following activities:
4.1. Preliminary documentation on the places and on the scientific‐technological contents
4.2. Teacher reports on general and specific nascent project objectives
from the two case studies as a generalization of situations under development
4.3. Articulation of the "teams" of work on specific themes and common moments
4.4. Visit to the project places and visits / lessons on similar case studies
4.5. Project laboratory at Politecnico di Milano
4.6. Mid‐term review and production of exhibition materials
4.7. Exhibition - Conference of Results with the participation of interested bodies: Regione Lombardia / Città Metropolitana / Municipalities of Vaprio d'Adda and Treviglio.


dal February 2019 a February 2019


05-12 febbraio 2019, ore 10:00-13:00 e 14:00-17:00

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