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Application is open to students from AUIC, Design, ICAT, 3I Schools and Ph.D. candidates of Politecnico di Milano (from 20 to 25 years old). The requirements to participate as Young Talents are:

  • To be Students in the last two years of undergraduate courses or graduate/post-graduate courses, including Master's Degrees and PhD programs (from 20 to 25 years old);
  • To have significant experiences consistent with the topics covered by Planet Needs Youth;
  • English: advanced level (C1) or Proficient (C2);
  • Nationality: Italian and international students resident in Europe.
Max. number of students
CONFLICTS, Digital transformation, Energy transition, communication and presentation skills, environmental sustainability
Environment and land planning, Communication and presentation skills, Legal, Economy, Energy, Computer science, Artificial intelligence, Environmental and social sustainability, Science, Social, Information technologies

Description of the initiative

ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale) proposes to the Politecnico di Milano students and Ph.D. Candidates to participate in the NEXT- Planet Needs YOUth initiative, 4th edition, co hosted by Università Bocconi, OECD, in partnership with Fondazione Cariplo.
The fourth edition of Planet Needs YOUth engages Italian and foreign young participants from across Europe(20-25 years old). Planet Needs YOUthencourages young students to take action for the future of our world. The project,launched in 2021 as part of the G20/T20Italy, provides a platform for discussion with a view to advancing new ideas and proposals on common global challenges. Planet Needs YOUth is divided into three major parts: the Interactive Youth Forum, theCompetitionandthe NEXT Milan Forum. Virtual activities ? such as fora/video competition of Planet Needs Youth ? are held throughout the year. The best 100 participants have free access to the in-person NEXT Milan Forum (18-20 March). They attend both Plenary Sessions and Closed-door Workshops (e.g. G20 Simulation Game).All others Young Talents are granted free access to the Interactive Plenary Sessions of the NEXT Milan Forum.
First Step: INTERACTIVE YOUTH FORUM - 13 January 2024: virtualLectures with high-level speakers from Italy and the international community in dialogue with the 500 participants. Topics include the future of security, globalization, climate change, as well as AI and the challenges for the EU in the upcoming European elections, and much more?
Second Step: COMPETITION18 December 2023- 31 January 2024 - Participants in the Interactive Youth Forum will be asked to share their own ideas with the candidates running in the upcoming 2024 European Parliamentary elections, on one of the following topics: the impact that conflicts have on young generations, risks or benefits of the digitalization and the opportunities of the green transition.Young participants proposing the best 100 campaigns are appointed Next Global Ambassadors.The projects are selected by experts chosen by ISPI. Third Step: NEXT Milan Forum event 18 ? 21 March 2024: it's a 3-day international event, cohosted by ISPI, Bocconi University and OECD, where Young Talents and Future leaders debate and share policy proposals with top-notch international figures on key global challenges and trends. The focuses are: Digital Transition & AI, Peace & Security, Energy and Environment/Green Transition, Human Rights and People Empowerment, Sustainable and Fair Growth. The Interactive Plenary Sessions are open to all the participants. The 100 Next Global Ambassadors will have full access to the NEXT event and both its public and closed-door meetings, thus having the opportunity to join the network of over 500 future leaders from all over the world. In particular, the 100 NEXT Global Ambassadors play the role of the Sherpas during the simulation of the G20 Summit organized on 18 ? 21 March. After various rounds of negotiations, the Ambassadors write a Final Declaration of the 2024 G20 Presidency.
WIN: The three winners of the competition will present their idea on the stage of NEXT and have it voted by the audience. They will either receive free access to a Diploma, a Certificate from the ISPI School, or will be allowed to participate in Rome MED Dialogues.
To participate in the initiative, it is mandatory, in addition to registering for "Passion in Action," to fill out the Next application form by December 20th, 2023 available on the ISPI platform (see below in the "Note".More information are available on the ISPI website (see below in the "Note").


dal December 2023 a March 2024


- Application form by December 20th 2023 on;

- Saturday, January 13th, 2024 -10.30 am-17.30 pm, participation to the Webinar: Interactive Youth Forum


Application deadline at PIA and on ISPI platform extended to Decembre 20th, 2023!

Application by December 20th to "Passion in action" and on the ISPI Platform: ;

specifying in the heading "Other relevant information": "Student at the Politecnico di Milano".

More information on ISPI- Next website


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