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  • Language: ENGLISH, ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 01-12-2023to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development
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Teacher in charge
Hours to attend

Skills in exhibition space design, product design, interaction design, communication system design, graphic design are required.
Master's degree students

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Evaluation of portfolio/book and cv (pdf max 5mb).
Priority will be given to master's degree students with qualifications and skills related to the projects covered by this call
Product design

Description of the initiative

We are looking for a creative and multidisciplinary team of young professionals to collaboratively design the Politecnico School of Design presence and experience at the upcoming Milano Design Week (April 16-21, 2024). This involves designing different exhibition spaces based on a defined overall direction, delving into the concept and all the way through to execution. Specifically, the project includes spaces, objects, interactions, installations and communication elements useful to convey a clear and coherent message of the School of Design through the exhibiting of some representative projects selected on the basis of a specific theme.Bi-weekly afternoon meetings (6:00 p.m. onwards) with the coordinator, Prof. Fabio Di Liberto, and meetings with workshop coordinators are expected from December 2023 to April 2024 to produce the executive drawings necessary for the realization of the exhibition space and the communication materials.  The deadline for the production of the implementation documents is scheduled for the first week of March 2024. An integral part of the project will also be the preparation of a communication plan and all necessary materials for the event. The frequency of meetings may intensify as the event approaches. We anticipate a maximum concentration of activities in the month of February. It is also required to have the selected people manning the exhibition spaces during the course of Design Week. 


dal December 2023 a April 2024


Prevediamo che gli incontri abbiano luogo il martedì o giovedì dopo le 18:00 o il venerdì.
Orientativamente possiamo ipotizzare: 1 incontro bi-settimanale da dicembre 2023 al gennaio 2024, poi incontri settimanali da febbraio a marzo 2024, poi tutti gli incontri necessari per il compimento e l'esecuzione del progetto fino all'evento. Un calendario più preciso potrà essere discusso e condiviso nell'incontro di avvio del progetto.


We anticipate approximately 8 hours from December 2023 to January 2024, 8 hours in February 2024, 8 hours in March and 8 hours in April.

  • the hours indicated are not expected to be continuous, but spread over several days/month;
  • the hours indicated relate to the alignment and review meetings with the coordinator and therefore do not represent the total time we expect to be dedicated to the project. In fact, we envisage activities to be carried out independently on an individual and group basis
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