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  • Enrollment: 19-12-2023to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development|Tech and society
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The design Workshop is aimed at:- MSc students from the School of Design, from the following backgrounds: DESIGN & ENGINEERING, DIGITAL AND INTERACTION DESIGN and INTEGRATED PRODUCT DESIGN The following skills are
- Skills in product design.- 3D modeling applications (e.g., Rhinoceros, Solidworks, PTC Creo, Inventor, or similar).- Rendering applications (e.g., Keyshot, V-ray, Twinmotion, or similar).- Proficiency in the English language.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
CV, portfolio, and motivational letter
Interaction Design, Product design
Interaction design, Product design, Circular economy, Manufacturing, Environmental and social sustainability

Description of the initiative

The initiative intends to challenge participants' ability to develop original concepts of Flush extractor hoods for the EU market. Young designers are requested to create innovative and sustainable solutions by a predetermined brief.
Initiative Scope The current platform is the most recent one developed by Midea. It provides effective extraction as it is positioned behind the hobs. It is a highly innovative product as it is recessed into the worktop and allows you to reduce the space in the kitchen.The platform is fixed and cannot be modified.The company must improve its business in the European market, encouraging consumers to purchase flush-mounted extractor hoods. Flush-mounted extractor hoods are becoming more and more widespread on the market as they manage to combine the needs of style, elegance and reduction of space in the kitchen.Flush extractor hoods are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their very high performance combined with small dimensions. The objectives of the workshop are:
  1. Collecting data and information about the European market and defining the possible and innovative scenarios.
  2. Define design solutions to improve customer visual engagement related to the ASPIRATION function.
  3. Improving the User experience of the flush extractor hoods.
  4. Improving the visualization and perception of the process during the provision (interface –UI)
Visual engagementHow can I sell the ASPIRATION function? How can I show this function in the store?How can I visually communicate with a potential buyer about selling the ASPIRATION function? How can the Design express this function? How can I emotionally involve potential customers and let the trigger happen? UX physical interaction How can I improve the user experience? Interaction when it aspire, where can I improve it? How can I improve interaction on maintenance operations?  How is used (glasses, jars, etc.), when is used (morning, launch, etc..). Who is using it (different needs)?  UX interface- UIHow can I involve the user in the ASPIRATION process? Emotional involvements? How can I improve the usage of HOOD in customers? How can I push the user to let the hood become the most interesting drinking choice? Prizes MIDEA may select from the submitted proposals: the selected project participants will be awarded a prize by the Design System of the Politecnico di Milano.


dal January 2024 a February 2024


22/1 lancio brief dalle 14:15 alle 18:15
30/1 prima revisione dalle 14:15 alle 18:15
13/2 seconda revisione dalle 14:15 alle 18:15
6/3 presentazione finale dalle 14:15 alle 18:15

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