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Knowledge in the Communication Design

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Priority will be given to students enrolled in the first year of the Bachelor in Communication Design, followed, in the following order, by L and LM students (always) in course in Communication Design and, finally, the rest of the interested students of the School of Design, will also be taken into account average exams. In the case of equal ranking, the criterion of the order of arrival of the participation request will be applied.
Each applicant must specify the session of preference (Session 1: June 7-10, 2021; or Session 2: June 15-18, 2021).
Illustration, Making, Toy Design, tangible graphics
Arts and craft, Communication design

Description of the initiative

The playful-experimental design activity, conducted by Luca Boscardin, is aimed at students of the Communication Design Bachelor course and primarily at those of the first year.
An experience in the analogue field will be proposed to develop the ability to think graphic design in its modular and spatial dimension and as a three-dimensional object, focusing on the relationship between matter (two-dimensional support) and the analogue intervention that shapes it (concrete graphics).
Students will thus be able to experience a design path that will lead them - through a process of progressive simplification - to translate the graphic sign into the third dimension and will allow them to acquire the techniques for making models and prototypes.
In particular, the final output involves the creation of graphic-expressive "totems".
The activity will take place in the classroom and in-person in two 4-day full immersion sessions (7-10 June 2021 and 15-18 June 2021) and will involve a maximum of 25 students for each session.


dal June 2021 a June 2021


Sessione 1: 7-10 giugno 2021 (H 10:00-19:00)
Sessione 2: 15-18 giugno 2021 (H 10:00-19:00)

Giorno 1
Lancio del workshop; dai primi schizzi di studio alla semplificazione dell'illustrazione.

Giorno 2
Dal 2D al 3D, approfondimento sulla tecnica costruttiva e studio del modulo.

Giorno 3
Test e prototipazione del modello in scala e avvio della costruzione del prototipo finale.

Giorno 4
Finalizzazione e presentazione/mostra di tutti i "totem", photo shooting.


Materials needed
Each student needs sheets, pencils, colours (markers and/or coloured pencils of the student's choice), cutter, scissors, cutting surface, rulers and squares, 3 or 4 cartons 100x70 cm (0.4 / 0.5 mm thick, poliplatt or cardboard), paper glue.
PCs are not necessary.
Some materials to be shared within the class will be made available by the representatives of the activity (prof. Francesco E. Guida and Pamela Visconti).

Luca Boscardin
Illustrator and toy designer, passionate about spaceships, fantastic creatures, fictional characters and super-fast cars, creates projects that stimulate creativity and turns them into toys and books for children. He studied Architecture and Graphic Design at the IUAV in Venice. He collaborates with Philips, Corraini Edizioni, StudioRoof, Phaidon, Calvin Klein, MonPetitArt, Arbos, Ikonik Toys and others.
In 2016 he launched the first collection of rocking animals of his BLUC brand, exhibited at the Vitra Design Museum and at La Triennale di Milano. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

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