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The candidate must demonstrate:

  • good knowledge of English is a necessary requirement.
  • knowledge of design methodology.

• ability to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, having developed interpersonal and communication skills in previous design and/or work experiences.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Students of the 3rd year CdL Fashion Design and the 1stLM Design for the Fashion System

Students will be selected on the basis of the average of the exams and on the evaluation of a portfolio with at least 3 projects related to the themes of the summer school.
R's model, circular economy, co-design, recycling
Communication and presentation skills, Fashion design, Circular economy, Fashion, Manufacturing

Description of the initiative

Today, a discussion is developing - about adopting new design-driven solutions to reduce the impact of clothing production and use - pushed by analyzing human-environment interactions.  Building on this, the workshop explores: - How have changes in clothing production and consumption patterns affected environmental systems? What about now? - How can design-driven solutions be adapted to implement low impacts and preserve the planet's resources? To answer such questions, students will start work with a proposed client "The Upcycling Fashion Initiative". The client is launching a campaign about a no-waste attitude in fashion, an emerging new craze: the reuse and enhancement of the old, the upcycling. The association invites fashion designers and brands to design "Upcycling Fashion" products with the maximum attention to preserving materials, saving time/energy, avoiding useless treatments or accessories, etc. The students will choose a designer/brand and design the "Upcycle Fashion Capsule" following the iconic message of the designer/brand. This is a unique chance for students to learn and develop their ideas in an international context and experience hands-on work in high-quality laboratories at the Politecnico di Milano campus.  The course will build a holistic understanding of the change needed to shift the current fashion system to a less impactful one. This positive model is sustainable by design, as it addresses climate change, resource scarcity, and biodiversity loss through design action. The course will focus on preventing waste and pollution and keeping products and materials in use longer. Through this workshop, the students are invited to consider all the different aspects of designing a fashion product with a specific approach and embedded message. The learning outcomes are as follows: - Explore the Fashion Design for Sustainability. The students will learn the main theories and concepts about sustainability in fashion and design products by applying such concepts: creating the minimum possible waste of fabrics/materials, they will examine the essential or unnecessary treatments and accessories, they will study how to avoid useless workmanship in terms of saving labor and energy, they will explore the possibility to design a garment considering the after-life of such a product.- Understand the need for systemic transformation of the fashion industry toward a sustainable one.- Understand the role of design in driving sustainable systemic transformation,- Design for Upcycling as a tool or strategy for designing sustainable products using the minimum possible impact- Discover their brand's culture. Students will study which are the iconic message in terms of image and communication about the designer/brand in order to define the essential DNA. This will be achieved by studying its products and communication (advertising, fashion shows, website, social, events, celebrities, eventual social output, etc.)- Challenge their creativity by designing a new look/item representing the brand and delivering a compact, focused, less-impact message to the market.- Develop strategic thinking in designing a sustainable capsule that will be addressed not only to a specific target but it will try to spread out to a bigger audience. For this reason, they will consider how the capsule collection will be delivered and communicated to the market.


dal April 2023 a June 2023


martedì 4 aprile ore14-17
martedì 18 aprile ore 14-17
martedì 2 maggio ore 14-17 
martedì 16 maggio ore 14-17
martedì 30 maggio ore 14-17

Workshop (in presenza)
lunedì 5 giugno ore 9-18
martedì 6 giugno ore 9-18
mercoledì 7 giugno ore 9-18
giovedì 8 giugno ore 9-18
venerdì 9 giugno ore  9-18


Winning students must meet the requirements for access to Lab. MODA by the start date of the in-person activities (Monday, June 5, 2023). Please also note that access to the Lab is conditional on passing the Security Course for Access to the Design Department's Laboratories available in the Online Services in the Data/Security Courses section.

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