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  • Campus: MANTOVA
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  • Subject area: Tech and society
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STORYTELLING, comunication design, preservation
Arts and craft, Heritage and landscape, Information technologies

Description of the initiative

Enhancing the value of Cultural Heritage goes through many different activities. "Enhancing the value" means developing the culture of caring for the good, recognising that its characteristics are important, that it is the heritage of all and must be preserved as long as possible. From this point of view, restoration work is the most effective way of enhancing the value of an asset, but it remains only partially successful if it is relegated to specialists and the public does not recognise the importance of such an intervention. The role of communication as a tool for spreading the culture of restoration and involving the public, with participative and popular activities, thus becomes fundamental. Today, even more so, the possibility of bringing content to the public, virtually and remotely, appears to be a fundamental operation also to respond to emergency, external needs. The major supporters of Cultural Heritage, from private individuals to Foundations, are increasingly aware of this process and are pushing for visibility of the intervention throughout the operation.Forerunners of this approach are the 'open sites', visits that allow people to enter the restoration site. This practice, however, raises a number of problems related to the need to secure the site for large numbers of visitors (perhaps even non-experts), to make it accessible to different needs, and often even to interrupt the work to allow the visit. This creates objective difficulties that lead to minimising site visits in terms of frequency and duration. Digital technologies today can overcome these difficulties by bringing the asset (and the restoration work) to the visitor and thus spreading the culture of caring. Virtual reality, image and monitoring systems, action-cams, gamification and many other tools can be of great use in this context. A hackathon on these topics is proposed, with the aim of devising, designing and possibly prototyping a communication system that allows knowledge of the restoration site to be taken outside its perimeter and spread beyond the circle of insiders. The materials to be used, the technologies, the narrative methods and, more generally, the definition of the entire communication system design will be decided by the teams and will constitute the concept and the project idea. The Hackathon is organised by the Politecnico di Milano – Campus Mantova, in a network with Centro di Conservazione e Restauro La Venaria Reale and the Università di Brescia in collaboration with Laboratorio Territoriale Occupabilità - LTO Mantova, within the project "Mantova: Laboratorio territoriale diffuso per innovazione e occupabilità" supported by Fondazione Cariverona and promoted/implemented by the Camera di Commercio (lead partner), Provincia e Comune di Mantova, Politecnico di Milano, Unimore, PromoImpresa - Borsa Merci, ForMa, Istituto Manzoni (lead partner institute of the Mantua LTO network) and Istituto Sanfelice (lead partner institute of the Mantua LTO network).


dal October 2023 a October 2023


Venerdì 6 ottobre 2023
14:30 accoglienza e formazione dei team
15:00 introduzione al tema con esperti
17:30 briefing e avvio dei lavori in gruppi affiancati da esperti
Sabato 7 ottobre 2023
9:00 ripresa dei lavori da parte dei team affiancati da esperti
13:00 pranzo
14:00 ripresa dei lavori da parte dei team affiancati da esperti
17:00 prima presentazioni delle idee dei team
Domenica 8 ottobre 2023
9:00 ripresa dei lavori
13:00 pranzo
14:00 allestimento per la presentazione finale 16:00 presentazione finale
18:00 premiazione dei vincitori

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