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  • Subject area: Tech and society
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Basic knowledge of data management, data science, visualization, and machine learning methods.

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Selection Criteria
This program will select students currently attending the second year of the Master (Laurea Magistrale) of Politecnico di Milano, two from Information Engineering and one from Design. Applicants should have obtained at least 40 CFU during their first year of Master studies, with an average grade above 25/30.Students may be interviewed by the selection committee. Selected students must attend the two full-immersion periods of February and March. In addition to the full-immersion period, they are expected to work throughout the semester by using the format of the Capstone Course, by interacting with professors of Politecnico and NYU. They are expected to deliver a public presentation of their results at the end of the program (with possibility of a trip for a joint conclusion of the project, in case the COVID-19 emergency allows it).
big data, crowdsourcing, data science, policy making, social media
Environment and land planning, Smart cities and smart building, Communication and presentation skills, Product design, Computer science, Artificial intelligence, Mobility and transportation, Social, Urban studies

Description of the initiative

DATA-LIFE is an interdisciplinary education experience involving students and professors from NYU-CUSP (Center for Urban Science and Progress of the New York University) and from DEIB/Design-POLIMI (Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and of Design of Politecnico di Milano).Six selected students, three from NYU and three from Politecnico di Milano, will work collaboratively to solve data science problems, under the supervision of a team of professors from both universities; problems will cross the disciplines of data management, machine learning, data analysis, statistics and mathematics, data visualization and user experience design. Students will craft their solutions by developing the methodology and then the software.This joint venture will provide an exciting project work to students in applied data science, with emphasis on the problems of society.The project aims to analyze and represent the behavior of young generations towards blood donations in the cities of Milano and New York and to understand the main drivers for encouraging these segments to donate blood. More precisely, the issues the project may explore include:
  • The role of blood centers and blood donation in young generations' life
  • The level of knowledge about the use of blood and the behavior towards donating blood
  • Can we find analogies with other social-ethical and future impacting topics i.e. ecology and sustainability?
  • What are the main drivers that we can leverage - in the cities of Milano and NY - to boost blood donation on social media among young generations?
  • Are there analogies and differences in the behavioral traits and blood donation drivers between the two cities in the target segment?
The project aims at defining a high-level model, an experimental setting, and a data analysis method that aims at addressing these points and will result in a report and interactive analysis that describe the results of the work.


dal February 2022 a August 2022


The project will be scheduled along the following phases:

  1. Feb 2022: faculty and students kick-off the project jointly at CUSP in NYC.
  2. Feb to Jul 2022: Student teams interact to develop their project under the osmosis of the capstone course, jointly tutored by Polimi and NYU faculty.
  3. May 23-27, 2022 (tentative): faculty and students set up an intensive joint work week at POLIMI. As a result of this work, students deliver a mid-term presentation. NYU students will travel to Milano for the week.
  4. July 25-29, 2022 (tentative): Final presentation of results take place in NYU. Italian students will travel to NYC for the final week.

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