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  • Language: ENGLISH, ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 16-09-2023to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development
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Politecnico di Milano students.

Selection Criteria
A maximum number of 100 short films may participate; if more than 100 short films are submitted, the first 100 short films received will be entered into the competition, with priority given to the short films of students from the School of Design.
2° edition, COMMUNICATION DESIGN, Product Design, festival CortAlp, graphic design, mountain, short film, video-design
Product design

Description of the initiative

The new edition of the "CortAlp" Mountain Short Film Festival, curated by Aldo Faleri and Roberto Boni with Francesco Zurlo, scheduled for December 11th at the Bovisa Campus of the School of Design in occasion of the International Mountain Day. This year, we will hold a thematic film competition titled "Manlio Armellini". All Politecnico students are invited to create videos about Mountain Environments and their relationship with the fields of Design, Architecture, Graphics, and Communication, covering various aspects (environment, nature, ecology, energy, culture, tradition, lifestyle, food, sports, safety, tourism, and economy). Special emphasis should be placed on innovative and sustainable proposals within the aforementioned domains.The competition encourages the production of real or fantastical original works that must narrate the mountain of tomorrow. This narrative should draw from its history, culture, and traditions as connections with the future, ensuring its survival for following generations. The short films for the "Manlio Armellini" competition fall into the following thematic areas: 1. A) Product and Innovation: Stories of local economy and cultural goods and services that stem from technological innovation and artisanal tradition. These are essential components of the success of productive excellence in alpine regions. 2. B) Communication and Services: Analog or digital tools that promote professional and recreational activities for sports, tourism, and local culture. These are means to raise awareness, ensuring safe and informed engagement with the mountain. 3. C) Environment and Landscape: These are the material and immaterial elements strongly characterized by the environment and landscape (both natural and anthropized). They should evoke the uniqueness and beauty of the communal and mountain territory, reflecting the highest level of environmental sustainability.Individual students or groups (maximum 3 students) can participate, submitting one work per category. The shorts should be in digital format, in maximum resolution (Full HD H264), with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. Preferably in Italian with English subtitles. If the original language is different from Italian, Italian subtitles must be provided. Shorts that have participated in previous film festivals (excluding previous editions of CortAlp) are also eligible.The Jury will consist of members appointed by CAI and the School of Design, as well as other external individuals of their designation. The selection of the winners will consider originality, adherence to chosen themes, and the inspiring values of CAI, with priority given to sensitive topics such as environmental sustainability, inclusion, biodiversity, and environmental impact. AWARDS and MENTIONS The winning works of the "Manlio Armellini" Competition in each category (Product/Communication/Environment) will be screened for the public during the CortAlp Festival and will also be considered for special awards and mentions. Thanks to Private Sponsors, prizes and recognitions will be granted as specified below: AWARD Thanks to Private Sponsors, a prize will be awarded to the first-placed work in each of the three categories.


dal December 2023 a December 2023


Entro 30.11.2023 - Chiusura candidatura e invio cortometraggio:  Ciascuno degli Studenti partecipanti (quindi anche ogni partecipante ad un gruppo di autori) dovrà candidarsi attraverso la piattaforma Passion in Action indicando il titolo del Corto, gli eventuali altri membri del gruppo di autori (dovranno iscriversi tutti in PiA) e trasmettere il corto tramite WeTransfer o altra piattaforma di condivisione file all'indirizzo  
Indicazioni per i video, fotografie e trailer

    • file digitale del corto in HD, massima risoluzione (Full HD H264) ¿ durata massima 5 minuti totali, comprensivo di titoli e testi, preferibilmente in lingua italiana con sottotitoli in inglese; se la lingua originale è diversa dall'italiano devono essere presenti i sottotitoli in italiano;
    • trailer del film in alta risoluzione della durata massima di 45 secondi;
    • sinossi del film in lingua italiana e inglese;
    • biografia e filmografia dell'autore/autori in lingua italiana e inglese;
    • 3 fotografie di scena/ immagini rappresentative del film in alta risoluzione -300 dpi-;
    • 1 fotografia dell'autore/del gruppo di autori.
  • Per ulteriori specifiche/informazioni tecniche, contattare il prof. Aldo Faleri,

1 Dicembre: Riunione giuria per selezione vincitori 11 dicembre:  Proiezione e Premiazione durante il festival CORT-ALP presso Campus Bovisa


Nov. 30, 2023: Application deadline and short film submission;
Dec. 1: Jury meeting to select winners;
Dec. 11: Screening and Awards Ceremony during the CORT-ALP festival at Campus Bovisa.

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