Opening of Off Campus Cascina Nosedo

A fourth Politecnico campus in the outskirts of Milan

Off Campus Cascina Nosedo is now open: the fourth space in ‘Off Campus | Il Cantiere per le Periferie’, a project led by the Politecnico di Milano and recently awarded a Certificate of Civic Merit in the 2022 edition of the Ambrogino d'Oro for its work to improve the Milan suburbs.

Off Campus Cascina Nosedo is located Via San Dionigi 78/80, at the entrance to the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, between the Corvetto district and the Chiaravalle abbey and will be home to a variety of activities: from planning work engaging students from the Politecnico — through educational workshops, internships and degree theses — to research on the peri-urban environment, landscape, agri-food supply chains and the circular economy. The building will also be used for projects engaging local entities and design work for local services — linked to food and waste recovery — with a view to promoting sustainability. The space will also host Piùlento, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano operating in the field of slow mobility.

The initiative Off Campus | Il Cantiere per le Periferie is promoted by Polisocial — the Politecnico di Milano Social Responsibility programme — and envisages the opening of spaces in the city, in which teachers, researchers and students can develop innovative teaching ideas, responsible research and co-design activities capable of generating a positive impact on the community. The Cascina Nosedo space is added to the other university spaces already operational in the San Siro district (inaugurated in April 2019), in the NoLo district (September 2020) and inside the San Vittore prison (October 2022).

The site of the new Off Campus space has been recovered thanks to investment by the Municipal Authority of Milan as part of 'Open Agri', a European project that aims to make Cascina Nosedo a hub of peri-urban agriculture with a focus on the circular economy and the water cycle. These topics are perfectly in line with the Politecnico di Milano's initiative, to which the Municipal Authority of Milan has therefore granted the space in loan for use.

Off Campus Cascina Nosedo works in synergy with the Department of Design, the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, the Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and the Built Environment, the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering and the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering ‘Giulio Natta’ at the Politecnico di Milano, together with the spin-off Piùlento. The project is also sponsored by the Municipal Authority of Milan and MM S.p.A.

The inauguration of the new space was attended by Emilio Faroldi, Delegate Pro-Rector of the Politecnico di Milano, Alessia Cappello, Councillor for Economic Development and Labour Policies of the Municipal Authority of Milan and Simone Dragone, Chairman of MM S.p.A.