Milano Arch Week 2022/23

Around Peripheries

From Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 June, Milano Arch Week will take place, the event dedicated to architecture, urban transformations and the future of cities, created and promoted since 2017 by Comune di Milano, Politecnico di Milano and Triennale Milano.

This year, Milano Arch Week will focus on the theme "Around Peripheries", discussing the social and cultural energies of the city with the aim of stimulating collective reflection on the suburbs. This reflection was actually started in September 2022, and since then it has involved institutions, associations, local entities and communities, cooperatives, citizens, foundations, researchers, artists, professionals, student groups and design studios, in a wide and lively debate.

To reflect on the proposed themes, international architects and designers, professional studios and emerging professionals, urban planners and landscape architects have been invited who will take the floor. The Milano Arch Week this year for the first time adds new venues to the two usual ones (Politecnico di Milano and Triennale Milano), as it will involve other places scattered throughout the city, including schools, theatres, libraries, neighbourhood gardens and the Politecnico’s Off Campus areas, for a total of 40 venues forming a network that connects the city centre with the outermost neighbourhoods.

Each of those involved will propose reflections on themes ranging from social housing to schooling, from the concept of neighbourhood to those of city centre and suburbs, for over 50 appointments starting as early as Friday 2 June and continuing throughout the entire Milan Arch Week.

Milano Arch Week will open officially on Wednesday 7 June at the Politecnico di Milano, in the presence of Tommaso Sacchi, Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Milano; Donatella Sciuto, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano; Stefano Boeri, President of Triennale Milano; Andrea Campioli, Dean of the School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano; Nina Bassoli and Matteo Ruta, curators of Milano Arch Week. The opening ceremony will be followed by a lecture with Fosbury Architecture, a collective founded in Milan in 2013 that curated the Italian Pavilion at the 18th edition of Biennale Architettura in Venice.

The 2023 Milano Arch Week has as its artistic director Stefano Boeri, President of Triennale Milano, and is curated by Nina Bassoli (Triennale Milano curator for Architecture, urban regeneration and the city) and by Matteo Ruta, a professor at the Politecnico di Milano.

The program of Milano Arch Week: https://www.milanoarchweek.eu/milano-arch-week-2023/