There are 3 distinct periods for enrolment in Design programmes:

  • Early-stage enrolment: if you took an early-window test and are higher up the ranking, you can enrol from 10:30 a.m. on 15 June 2023 to 11:59:59 p.m. on 26 June 2023
  • Publication of places available for the standard enrolment phase: 10:30 am on 17 July 2023
  • Standard-stage enrolment: if you took the test in the August session and are high up in the ranking, you can enrol from 10:30 a.m. on 4 September to 11:59:59 p.m. on 6 September 2023
  • Publication of any places available for the repechage phase: 10:30 a.m. on 8 September 2023
  • Play-off enrolment (following a request for inclusion in the ranking): if at the end of the standard enrolment period there are still places available and, following your request for inclusion (from 8 to 11 September 2023), you are successfully placed in the ranking, you may enrol from 10:30 a.m. on 12 September to 11:59:59 p.m. on 14 September 2023.

If you do not yet know your upper secondary school diploma score, you can proceed with conditional enrolment.
The deadline to enter your upper secondary school diploma score in your Online Services > Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) and five-year single-cycle programmes: entrance or recovery tests and enrolment" select "Test Result and Enrolment > Enrolment - is 13 September 2023.

Those who will receive their upper secondary school diploma score after 13 September are requested to contact the Registrar’s Office

There are no concessions or discounts based on upper secondary school diploma scores.


How to enrol

To proceed with enrolment, you must pay the first instalment. Access the Online Services and click on the link "Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) and five-year single-cycle programmes: entrance or recovery tests and enrolment" select "Test Result and Enrolment" and click on "click here to enrol", answer the questions and select the payment method:

  • IMMEDIATE PAYMENT by credit or prepaid card (PagoPA form 1)
    Continue until the enrolment receipt is printed.
  • DEFERRED PAYMENT via home banking or at accredited Payment Service Providers (PagoPA form 3)
    We advise you to re-enter and print your enrolment receipt.

There are no benefits nor reductions of the first instalment based on the final secondary school grade. 


If you enrol in 2023/2024 for a Laurea programme (equivalent to Bachelor of Science), you may be entitled to a reduction in the first instalment if your ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) for 2023 (use “Diritto allo Studio Universitario benefits”) is less than €27,740.

In order to be entitled to the reduction in anticipation of your prospective enrolment, we advise you to request and enter the date of your ISEE 2023 (use "Diritto allo Studio Universitario benefits") in Online Services as early as possible or at least 10 to 15 days before the period in which you will enrol.
To enter the date of signing the DSU (Single Self-Declaration), go to Online Services under “ISEE entry for enrolment”.
It takes INPS a maximum of 10 days to process your information and communicate it to the Politecnico. If you enter your ISEE later, our system may not process the possible reduced first instalment and you may then have to pay the first instalment in full.
The reduction on the first instalment is linked to your ISEE 2023 indicator and will have to be confirmed by your ISEE 2024, which you will have to submit from January 2024.


If, during this academic year, you have already enrolled on a study programme at Politecnico, in order to enrol on another programme belonging to a different School for which you are eligible, you must request a programme change, i.e. to transfer your enrolment to the new study programme. Your payment of the first instalment will be considered valid.

To request a programme change:

Go to your Online Services - Test Results and Enrolment and, next to the test date, click on ‘change programme.

Send the Change Programme Request Form to the Registrar's Office of your programme’s Campus within the enrolment deadline

The Change Programme Request Form can be sent via chat or as an email attachment via Desks and offices for students.

(in this case, go to Apply to Politecnico > Exam Results and Enrolment in Laurea Programmes / Change Programme).