OFA (Additional Education Obligations) of English and Italian

English OFA (OFA ENG)

OFAs (additional educational obligations) in English (OFA ENG) are assigned to students enrolling on three-year Laura programmes (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) who in admission tests showed insufficient proficiency in the English language or whose admission tests did not include an English proficiency test.

The student is required to improve his/her proficiency in English up to the level required (thus fulfilling his/her OFA ENG) during the academic year.

Limitations and the ways to fulfil an OFA ENG in programmes delivered in Italian are described in the following pages.

Students in programmes delivered in English, Civil Engineering in English, Architectural Design (International track) and Interaction Design must fulfil their OFA ENGs by presenting to the Registrar’s Office one of the certificates listed in the table found at the page  Students of an Italian language laurea study programme: polimi.

Please note: the allocation of OFAs ENG entails constraints for the Study Plan. These constraints exist until the student fulfils the OFAs. Where OFAs are fulfilled after the deadline for submitting the Study Plan, the student may still submit a plan with limitations.



Italian OFA

The Italian OFA is awarded to all international students admitted:

  • to all English-language Master's Degree courses
  • to the Laurea (equivalent to three-year Bachelor of Science) in Architectural Design - EN
  • to the Laurea (equivalent to three-year Bachelor of Science) in Civil Engineering – EN

Foreign students will therefore have to demonstrate their knowledge of the Italian language before sitting the degree examination and completing their studies.