Students cultural activities and trips


Politecnico di Milano supports the cultural, social, sporting and recreational activities promoted by the students of the University. Its Board of Governors decides annually on the funds to be allocated to the financing of such initiatives.

Initiatives can be of three type:

  • initiatives of cultural and social nature, aimed at implementing projects in different sectors of common interest to the students of Politecnico di Milano;
  • sports and socialisation initiatives;
  • self-managed study trips.

Applications for funding may be submitted by:

  • student associations and lists registered in the register of student associations of Politecnico di Milano;
  • groups of university students composed of at least 50 students enrolled at Politecnico (20 in regional and local campuses).

Applications must be submitted using the relevant forms.

The announcement is normally published in the month of October. It is possible to make additions and/or changes to the projects submitted and to forward new proposals in the following month of May.


Rules for the establishment of the Register of the University students' associations for the funding of cultural and social activities of the students of Politecnico di Milano:


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