07.11.2023 17:00

Off Campus Nolo “plus” enlarges its premises

New polimi-led developments at the viale Monza market

OFF CAMPUS Nolo +, a new Polimi-led space inside the covered market on Viale Monza in Milan, has been inaugurated, thus adding 30 sqm to OFF CAMPUS Nolo, which now doubles its area making room to new activities.

OFF CAMPUS Nolo deals with proximity (public spaces, personal services), circularity (food waste, end-of-life plastic products) and non-human (natural elements in the area) supporting the Nolo neighborhood in the development of projects. It organizes teaching labs and workshops, as well as seminars and lessons open to the local public, exhibitions and events. For all this, the project was recently awarded the prestigious Seoul Design Award 2023 for Sustainable Life, winning third place and deserving an Honorable Mention for its commitment to sustainability and the production of social value.

Davide Fassi and Donatella Sciuto in front of the Monza local market
Ribbon cutting at Off Campus Nolo +
Off Campus Nolo + interior
Off Campus Nolo + inauguration
Donatella Sciuto
Alessandro Deserti
Off Campus Nolo + interiors
Alessandro Perego
Davide Fassi

Off Campus | Il Cantiere per le Periferie is an initiative promoted by Polisocial — the Politecnico di Milano Social Responsibility programme — and envisages the opening of university-led spaces in the city, in which teachers, researchers and students can develop innovative teaching ideas, responsible research and co-design activities capable of generating a positive impact on the community. Besides the Nolo space, other Off Campuses are operational in the San Siro district (inaugurated in April 2019), at the San Vittore prison (October 2022) and at the Cascina Nosedo former farmhouse (December 2022).

Thanks to its enlargement, OFF CAMPUS Nolo today meets the need to have enough space to host a greater number of students, interns and thesis holders. OFF CAMPUS Nolo + will also be an opportunity to expand the programming of cultural and scientific communication events and activities aimed at the public of the neighborhood and the city.

OFF CAMPUS Nolo + is coordinated by the Polimi DESIS Lab of the Department of Design and operates in synergy with the School of Design and the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering, the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DASTU), the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (DIG) and the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB).

The inauguration was held in the presence of Gaia Romani, Councilor for Civic and General Services (City of Milan), and Donatella Sciuto, Rector of Politecnico di Milano. Participants were also Alessandro Perego, Vice Rector for Sustainable Development and Impact, Alessandro Deserti, Director of the Design Department, Davide Fassi, coordinator of the Polimi DESIS Lab (Design Department), Simone Locatelli, President of Municipio 2 (City of Milan) and Nino Aratari from the Ciresola Parents Association.