Shell Eco-Marathon

Shell Eco-Marathon is a motorsport competition for high school and university students from around the world to design and build energy-efficient vehicles. Teams can choose between two vehicle classes: Urban Concept, i.e., vehicles with road car-like features, and Prototype, i.e., lightweight and ultra-efficient and usually three-wheeled vehicles; there are three energy categories to choose from: internal combustion engine, electric battery and hydrogen fuel cell. The team is rewarded that achieves the lowest energy consumption on the track. The competition aims to stimulate discussion and collaboration between students in the development of ever cleaner energy solutions.

The Polimi team

The Green Mecc has been taking part in the competition since 2005 and has been competing in the 'Urban Concept' class with a battery-electric vehicle since 2011. Today, the group is organised into six sectors: Management, Chassis & Subsystems, Drivetrain, Strategy & Electronics, Aerodynamics and Communication. The students take to the track with their prototypes bearing names from Greek mythology: after Apollo, Daphne and Leto, it is now time for Asteria.



  • 4th place 'Urban Concept Battery-electric' category, regional finals Europe and Africa


  • 5th place final 'Urban Concept Battery-electric' category, regional final Europe


Each year the team holds two recruiting sessions: the first in September and the second in March. The stages are open to all students at the Politecnico di Milano. For all candidates, the selection process consists of an oral interview designed to test general knowledge and motivation. To apply, please send an email (attaching your CV) to: