IPT - International Physicists' Tournament

IPT - International Physicists' Tournament is a student competition in experimental physics involving university teams from all over the world. The teams present their solutions to some fifteen physics problems that they tackle using only elementary and inexpensive means and instruments. First, local tournaments are held that select the national champions, and then the six best teams compete in the international final.

The Polimi team

The Polimi team began participating in the competition in 2017 under the guidance of professor Giacomo Ghiringhelli from the Department of Physics and, later, of two PhD student-tutors, Leonardo Martinelli and Michele Guizzardi. Every year, around 20 Physics Engineering students in the third year of their Laurea (Bachelor of Science) programme or the first year of their Laurea Magistrale (Master of Science) programme join the Team. Students tackle all aspects of scientific and engineering work, without neglecting practical and organisational aspects.



  • Qualification for the semi-finals in Paris (France)


  • 9th place at the final in Bucamramanga (Colombia)


The team organises recruiting sessions once a year, in September.


Professor Giacomo Ghiringhelli (Department of Physics)