Formula student

Formula Student is a competition that puts students to the test in the field of Formula-style single-seater car engineering design. Each team has to design, build, test and promote their prototype, and also to develop a business plan and detailed cost analysis. The cars compete at major international racetracks and are assessed through different dynamic tests. In recent years, the team of Politecnico di Milano has specialised in the 'electric motor' and 'autonomous driving' categories.

The Polimi team

Born in 2004 as a research project proposed by some PhD students to Professor Francesco Braghin at the Department of Mechanics,the DynamiΣ PRC team is the racing department of Politecnico di Milano and today has more than 100 students involved, 9 areas of expertise and 7 technical departments. Over the years, the Team designed 17 different car prototypes: in 2022 and 2023, the autonomous DP13 and DP14 took to the track, which also raced in electric and driverless mode.



  • Italy - 1st place 'Business Plan' and 3rd place overall
  • Austria - 1st place 'Business Plan' and 2nd place Electrical category
  • Germany - 1st place 'Business Plan' Electric Vehicle and 1st place Autocross Driverless Category
  • Hungary - 2nd place Autocross Driverless Category


  • Italy - 8th place Electrical category 
  • Hungary - 7th place Electric Category, 2nd place Driverless Category
  • Germany - 14th place Electric Category, 2nd place Driverless Category


The team organises recruiting sessions twice a year: in September/October and in March. After submitting their application via the form on the Team's website, each student will sit a written test consisting of four sections (general questions, regulation questions, general engineering questions and questions specific to their chosen department). Those who pass the written test will also have an oral interview.

Get to know the team!

Hello! The history of your team is long, but a major turning point came in 2019-2020. Would you like to tell us?

In 2019, we reached the pinnacle of a project for realising a combustion-engine car that won third place in the Formula Student world championship. This allowed us to make ourselves known all over the world and move on to the next step: building an electric prototype. Despite the slowdown due to the pandemic, 2020 was an important year to create a solid foundation for the work of the past three years. Without that year, we would not have achieved the high level we are at today: twenty-one excellent results with the electric prototype and a good design in line with the competition regulations and, what's more, sustainable. In 2022, we also decided to move into the category of autonomous driving. Many boys and girls from the Automation Engineering study course were included in the team.

How is the team composed?

Today, the team consists of 123 students and around 50 per cent are studying Mechanical Engineering, but over the years the percentage of students from other programmes has grown: many come from Aerospace, many from Electronics and a large number is from Automation Engineering. This helps us better achieve all the realisation goals set for the the prototype: the variety of skills in the team allows us to work well on all aspects of the machine.

The team structure is pyramid-like. Under the team leader there are three directors, two technical and one sporting; under each director there are the heads of the various departments. As it is a collective work, there are weekly meetings, workshops, everyone works on their own 'piece' which then has to be integrated into the project as a whole and in full. Generally, each member dedicates 15 hours of work per week (the managers even more!): we work in some specific spaces and in the workshop of the Mechanics Department; it is stimulating because we have the opportunity to consult and each other and exchange views and ideas. The atmosphere is relaxed, sometimes departmental meetings end with an aperitif or dinner, sometimes we go together to an event. 

What keeps you together?

Definitely the interest in car racing, but also the idea of being able to work on a project while studying: this means pure experience and working well!

So, you also have a ‘preview’ of the world of work...

Sure! A very interesting aspect is the possibility of interacting with companies. For example, to realise a component of the car we have designed, we have to rely on an external sponsor. We exchange ideas and work with people who are experts in the field, and this also enriches our network.

What's more, we have collaborations with other universities: for example, last year the team members working on the car chassis went to Germany to join the Carlsruhe team and had the opportunity to work with them.

An important theme in recent years is sustainability. How do you deal with it in your work?

In our business plan, we have developed an idea to make each prototype more sustainable for the environment: we take components that were discarded in the manufacturing phase and give them a new life, for example by modifying them and making them into everyday objects or furnishings.

And now, let’s have a look ahead: what are your goals for 2024-2025?

We want to focus on the development of the electric motor and autonomous driving. We know that we can get to the top and win, but from the experiences we have had over the years we have realised that to do this, we have to concentrate on just a few things and to them well!