Electrification of catalytic processes: an overview

A study by the Politecnico di Milano on the cover of the journal ACS Engineering Au

An article by the team of researchers from the Laboratory of Catalysis and Catalytic Processes of the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano has conquered the main cover of the journal ACS Engineering Au, published by the American Chemical Society.

Entitled "Joule-Heated Catalytic Reactors toward Decarbonization and Process Intensification: A Review", the article by Lei Zheng, Matteo Ambrosetti and Enrico Tronconi offers an overview of the state of the art related to the electrification of catalytic processes in the special issue dedicated to "Sustainable Energy and Decarbonization".

This work is part of the strategy to replace the burning of fossil fuels with renewable electricity, enabling fast, selective and uniform heating.

Professor Tronconi, co-author of the study:

"Our research highlights that Joule heating, based on the use of electricity to provide heat to endothermic chemical processes, represents a highly promising method to reduce CO2 emissions and efficiently exploit electricity from renewable sources”.

In essence, we are talking about an innovative and sustainable way for the decarbonization and intensification of chemical industrial processes relevant to the energy transition.

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