Motus ml

Year of incorporation



Artificial Intelligence


Development of innovative Edge AI solutions (a technology that harnesses the computational capacity of IoT devices to implement AI-based functionalities) to process and analyse data directly at the source, close to the point of acquisition. Motus ml uses advanced Machine Learning techniques to provide decentralised real-time data analysis that can automatically adapt to changes.


Motus ml offers products and services for the development of Edge AI solutions, specifically:

  • hardware and software solutions for predictive maintenance, which can fully integrate into companies' infrastructures through IoT devices;
  • prototypes to validate solutions in their specific context (Proof of Value);
  • operational rental (SAAS - Software As A Service) of hardware and software solutions;
  • installation and maintenance of IoT devices.

Target market

Companies with machinery and facilities that are potentially disconnected from the grid and therefore not easily accessible (e.g. radio-based transmission equipment such as antennas for broadcasting, radio links and geo-positioning of aircraft); infrastructure of companies in the utility sector (electricity, gas and water) and machinery in the off-highway agriculture sector.