S.C.U.O.LA - Smart Campus as Urban Open LAbs

Subject: Smart grids

The aim of the “SCUOLA - Smart Campus as Urban Open LAbs” project is to test an evolved system for the coordinated and intelligent integration of the various aspects related to Smart Grids, innovative energy generation from renewable and non-renewable sources, energy efficiency of building covers and facilities and of the integration of advanced communication technology, in order to provide citizens with services that increase participation and quality of life in the city.

Without doubt the heart of the project is the electricity grid (as proven by the project's major leading company). The aim is to increase the grid's 'intelligence' by introducing innovative systems for communication, control and management, sensing/automation/protection systems and modern mechanisms. All the above can ensure the development of technologies for the production of electricity and heat (through DG in particular) and of advanced accumulation technology. The aim is to support the coordinated and efficient function of the overall system and to provide direct advantages to the public. The system developed by the project becomes the engine for the development of a vast production structure, in which many actors can implement real-time smart services for the best management of urban networks, of buildings and of services for the public. All the above would be at reduced costs thanks to the digital infrastructure and urban sensing system shared by the applications.