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  • Enrollment: 14-07-2022to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Tech and society
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Master's degree students, with priority to those involved in the Polimi Ambassador program (Green Technologies, Smart Infrastructures)
Digital transformation, Energy transition, SUSTAINABILITY
Energy, Computer science, Information technologies

Description of the initiative

The Verde e il Blu Festival and the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano launch the first edition of the Verde e Blu Challenge, a competition on the themes of innovation and sustainability in the field of energy solutions.

The Verde e Blu Challenge consists of proposing innovative solutions, new technologies and business ideas for the energy of the future, considering two strands:
- the Green of Green Technologies
- the Blue of the Digital Revolution

- Teams can be formed from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 members and it will be necessary to guarantee their multidisciplinarity with less than 50% of the team belonging to the same degree course.
- The concept note of the project must consist of a maximum of 1500 words and 4 total pages
- the project presentation pitch must have a maximum duration of 5 minutes

Concept notes and pitch must include: project idea; potential contexts of application; environmental, economic and social sustainability; expected impact. The evaluation commission is made up of the Coordinators of the study courses involved, the organizers of Il Verde and Blu Festival and some of the sponsors of the event.

The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
- Relevance of the general theme of sustainability and innovation (max 20/100);
- Project idea & Methodological approach (max 30/100); - Technological or process innovation (max 30/100);
- Impact (max 20/100).

The two teams that have distinguished themselves in the theme of Green Technologies and the Digital Revolution will be awarded with internships, visits to innovation centers, technological products made available by the Partners of the Verde and Blu Festival.

The awarding of the winning teams will take place during the Verde e Blu Festival, Sunday 25 September, on the Main Stage at the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan.


dal August 2022 a September 2022


Gli studenti interessati:
- devono iscriversi al Passion in Action ┬┐Verde e Blu Challenge' entro il 20 Agosto
- possono partecipare all'evento di presentazione della Challenge del 26 Luglio (online), domande e revisioni (01 e 08 settembre)
- inviare il concept note e presentare il progetto (pitch) alla Commissione il 15 Settembre

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