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The Uforest Specialization School is open to 20 students who have completed the two previous Uforest courses, the MOOC Nature in the City and the Course Uforest Green your City (5 students per each one of the Uforest partner universities: Politecnico di Milano, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, Universitatea Transilvania din Bra¿ov) 

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Evaluation of: a 4 slides presentation of your urban forestry project proposal developed during the previous Uforest Green your City course; the answer to two questions attesting to your motivation and willingness to participate in the Specialization School.
Green Infrastructures, nature based solutions, urban forestry
Environment and land planning, Communication and presentation skills, Architectural and urban design, Heritage and landscape, Natural resources, Environmental and social sustainability, Urban studies

Description of the initiative

The Uforest Specialization School is an intensive training course on Urban Forestry that will take place in September 2023 in Barcelona (at UAB) and Milan (at Politecnico di Milano). During the Uforest Specialization School, there will be presentations, group work, workshops, seminars, and field visits. With insights from experts and successful business entrepreneurs, participants will be guided in developing their own projects in urban forestry, while they acquire specialised knowledge and skills in this sector.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:BARCELONA: The first Uforest Specialization week will be mostly delivered in the Can Balasc Biological Station, in the middle of the Collserola Natural Park (8000 ha) in the Barcelona suburbs. To start, you will be welcomed with two lectures on urban forests and their relationship with cities, by Prof. Joan Pino (urban forest ecologist), and Prof. Vicente Guallart (former chief architect of Barcelona City Council). You will visit the Urban Forests in the city of Barcelona and the peri-urban forests in its surroundings with urban and landscape planners and forest managers of Barcelona. You will also visit the Uforest pilot planting site, in areas affected by wildfires and alien plant invasions, with forest managers.MILANO: During the second Uforest Specialization week in Milano, you will be welcomed with a Lectio Magistralis by Prof. Cecil Konijnendijk. Moreover, you will discover through numerous site visits the Urban Forests of Milano, through the pilot projects of Forestami and WOWnature inside and outside the Metropolitan City of Milan. You will see the different phases of an Urban Forestry project implementation, from the potential areas to the established Urban Forests. You will visit nurseries and learn from agronomists, botanists, foresters, landscape architects and urban planners.


dal September 2023 a September 2023


dal 18 al 22 settembre tutti i giorni dalle 13 alla fine della giornata


this specialization course is part of the Funded ERASMUS+ Project "UFOREST" funded by the EU

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