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All Politecnico di Milano students can attend the course.
e-commerce, marketing, social media
Business and management, Fashion, Information technologies

Description of the initiative

The course "SOCIAL MEDIA & E-COMMERCE IN CHINA," designed by the Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou in collaboration with ICE/ITA Agency, aims to introduce Italian university students to the Chinese digital ecosystem. Understanding the ongoing transformations in Chinese society, driven by the expansion of the internet, technological development, telecommunications, and logistics, is essential for the professional careers of those intending to operate in China and successfully engage within companies and institutions involved in the world's largest market. The course will be coordinated by experts Andrea Fenn and Richard Bao. The main topics covered, divided into two sections, are as follows: 
  • Social media and digital marketing in China (with a focus on the digital landscape, influencers, marketing for fashion and luxury brands, digital innovation)
  • E-commerce and digital sales (with a focus on business strategy, how to run an e-commerce platform, brands, and new trends)
The program consists of 10 days of lessons delivered by experts residing in China, operating within the key sectors of interest for Made in Italy. The scheduled dates for the 10 lesson sessions, which will take place online through a dedicated platform from October 20th to November 24th, are listed below. The individual training sessions and company testimonials may be conducted in Italian and/or English and will be communicated as soon as they become available. Please, have a look at the programme available at the link where you can find preliminary information on the lectures language.


dal October 2023 a November 2023


20 October – Into to China/Intro di digital China
Section 1 – Social Media and Digital Marketing in China
25 October - China's Digital Landscape & Guest Speaker TBD
27 October - Digital influence and influencers in China & Guest Speaker TBD
3 November - Digital Marketing for Fashion and Luxury Brands in China & Guest Speaker TBD
8 November – Digital Innovation from China & Guest Speaker TBD
Section 2 – E-commerce and Digital Sales in China
10 November – E-commerce business strategy & Guest Speaker TBD
15 November – How to run E-commerce in China & Guest Speaker TBD
17 November – E-commerce for Beauty Brands in China & Guest Speaker TBD
22 November - New Trends of E-commerce in China & Guest Speaker TBD
24 November – Final Remarks & Interactive final activity

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I am aware that my data will be communicated, for the purposes of the course, to the entities organizing the initiative (Consulate General of Italy in Canton, ICE / ITA Agency).

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