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  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development|Tech and society
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communication, science, scientific dissemination
Communication and presentation skills, Science, Social

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Note that this course is available only in Italian.

The Course: The secret of good scientific dissemination lies in the ability to ignite a spark capable of stimulating the curiosity of the listener. Those who do research, however, are rarely able to put themselves on the wavelength of a layman and do notend up talking as they would with colleagues or students who follow the courses ... Inorder to be understood by the housewife and the employee, but also by the economist or the politician, it is necessary to develop a different way of communicating. You have to learn a series of techniques related to information processing, the functioning of the human mind, public speaking, storytelling, non-verbal communication... all things that are not normally taught in university courses.The aim of this course, therefore, will be to provide participants with a box of creative and reasoning tools essential to transform their ability to express themselves and, above all, to be understood. The course includes moments of putting into practice what you learn.

Teacher: Massimo Polidoro

  • Communicating science: a creative challenge
  • How the mind works (and how it receives messages)
  • The rules of effective communication
  • The importance of stories
  • How to make disclosure in the time of social media
  • The sixth meeting is dedicated to the evaluation of the creative communication projects that students will have carried out during the weeks of the course.


dal April 2024 a May 2024



Aprile: 8 / 15 / 29
Maggio: 6 / 13

Ore: 17:15 - 19.:00

Aula: T.2.2



About the teacher: Massimo Polidoro, among the most well-known contemporary science communicators, has effectively explored many areas of communication. As an author, he has published almost 60 books (including recent titles such as "Geniale", "Pensa come un* scienziat*", "Il mondo sottosopra", and "Leonardo. Genio ribelle"), translated into more than 10 languages, and over a thousand popular science articles, in Italian outlets like "Focus", and international ones. As a teacher, he has taught Scientific Method and Psychology of the Unusual at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Scientific Communication to PhD students at the University of Padua, and regularly holds seminars, workshops, and labs at various Italian, European, and American universities. On television, he has been the author and host of numerous successful programs, and for many years has worked alongside Piero Angela on "Superquark" with a segment that debunks false mysteries and fallacies. He has been writing and hosting podcasts for many years, such as "Ai confini", available on all platforms, and the series "Questa è scienza", "La prova", "Seveso", and "Complotti" on Audible. He is very active on social media, with a following of about 500,000 followers, and on his YouTube channel he hosts very popular series like "Strane Storie", "Uno studio in nero", "La stanza delle meraviglie", and "Il caso Kennedy". He was among the founders of CICAP, the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Pseudosciences, of which he is also Secretary, directs the CICAP Fest, a festival now in its fifth edition that gathers more than 20,000 people in Padua, and is a Research Fellow of the Center for Skeptical Inquiry in New York.

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