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Open House Milano is an annual event with the goal to stimulate the interest of the people of Milan for the city's architecture. It's a weekend of free opening of private and public buildings of high architectural value, often inaccessible to the public.
The 4th edition of Milan's Open House is part of the events of Arch Week, the prestigious marathon of architecture related events organized by the City's Townhall along with Politecnico and Triennale.
This year the program is rich with new additions, including the amazing Centrale dell'Acqua in Piazza Diocleziano , the construction sites of the new underground line M4, as well as new itineraries such as the one dedicated to Leonardo or the one of the historic sports venues.
In 2018 Open House Milano had a remarkable success, counting over 30.000 visits, all made possible by the incredible participation of the hundreds of volunteers that joined the event. Open House is in fact based on volunteer work of all participants: form the organizing committee to the guides and assistants and the site owners or managers opening their doors to Open House Milano visitors. Volunteers are therefore necessary for O.H.M., and they represent the actual image of it, as they are the ones sharing and conveying the passion for architecture and design to all attending.

4 editions, 4 good reasons to volunteer:
  1. have an active role in a unique event
  2. be able to enrich your knowledge of Milan and its treasures
  3. contribute to give value to important and or less known sites of Milan that deserve being discovered
  4. gain 2 credits ( credito formative)


dal May 2019 a May 2019


2 ore di formazione in aula al Politecnico entro il 22 maggio 2019
sabato 25 maggio e domenica 26 maggio 2019 dalle 10.00 alle 18.00
(Sono in aggiunta previsti due incontri con volontari esterni al Politecnico sabato 11 alle 9.30 e martedì 14 alle 18.30 presso la Centrale dell'Acqua di Piazzale Diocleziano, 5)

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