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Nuclear Engineering was added to the Italian system of the Engineering Courses in 1955-56. In 1957, the Politecnico di Milano was the first University in Italy to offer this subject in the framework of its courses. The capabilities of providing a complete and adequate learning in the nuclear field were gained during the subsequent years, together with a strong link to the related research aspects. Nowadays, the Msc Course in Nuclear Engineering is attended by students from all over Italy.
The strategic validity of nuclear technologies, within their social, environmental and scientific aspects, is higher than fifty years ago.
Nuclear Engineering, which was formerly finalized to its energy applications only, is also addressed to other applications. It played a fundamental role in creating new disciplines responding to extremely complex problems.
In this context, historical aspects of the discipline development and their connections with XX century historical events are of great interest and worth to be told.
At the same time, Nuclear Engineering, beside a strong vitality in the present, naturally looks at the future, steadily updating its interaction with the employment market, with various sectors of research and society.
Nuc@POLIMI: past, present and future is an action in which a number of seminars about these topics will be organized. They will be directed to all the students of Politecnico di Milano who are interested in education in the framework of Nuclear Engineering.


dal February 2019 a September 2019


L'attività si svolgerà tra novembre 2018 e settembre 2019.
29 Novembre: seminario "Le Conferenze di Ginevra 'Atoms for Peace' (1955, 1958 e 1964) e la nascita dell'industria nucleare: una testimonianza dal vivo" (Aurelio Ascoli, Alumno Polimi)
19 dicembre alle 16.30 in aula NU1 (Campus LEO, edificio 19 - Censef): seminario "Incontro con ST Microelectronics" (Valeria Riva; Irene Martini, Alumna Ingegneria Nucleare).
Giovedì 7 marzo 2019, alle 17.00 in aula 5.1.1 (Campus Leonardo, edificio 5) si terrà il seminario:"Una scienza post-empirica per la società della post-verità?".Il seminario sarà tenuto dal Prof. Carlo E. Bottani (Politecnico di Milano).
venerdì 29 marzo 2019 alle 15:15 in aula 4.0.1 (Campus LEO, edificio 4): seminario "Carriere al CERN di ingegneri nucleari POLIMI"(relatori S. Gilardoni e L. Serio, Alumni Ingegneria Nucleare)

Giovedì 4 Aprile 2019 alle 16.15 aula BL.27.01 (Campus Bovisa Sud-edificio BL 27 aule)
- Giovedì 4 Aprile 2019 alle 16.15 aula BL.27.01 (Campus Bovisa Sud-edificio BL 27 aule)
- Giovedì 23 maggio 2019 alle 14.15 aula LM.6 (Campus Bovisa Sud -edificio LM.6 - edificio B15)
Venerdì 31 maggio 2019 alle 15.15 aula N.1.2 (Campus Leonardo -edificio 2)
- Giovedì 5 dicembre 2019 alle 9.15 aula 2.1.4 (Campus Leonardo - edificio 2)
- Giovedì 12 dicembre 2019 alle 17.15 aula BL 27.01 (Campus Bovisa Sud-edificio BL 27)

Giovedì 23 maggio 2019 alle 14.15 aula LM.6 (Campus Bovisa Sud - edificio LM.6 - edificio B15)

Altri 4-6 eventi nel periodo marzo-settembre 2019.
Alcune date sono indicative e potrebbero subire modifiche

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