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  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Enrollment: 08-10-2021to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development|Tech and society
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be enrolled in the third year of the degree course in Fashion Design and the first and second years of the master's degree course in Design for Fashion System - Design per il Sistema Moda;
Good English;
good knowledge of software design;
fair skills in patternmaking and tailoring

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
- Portfolio/book with Fashion Design projects
- Motivation letter: short description of your background as fashion designer and interest in the theme of the workshop
fashion projects, international, no waste
Arts and craft, Fashion design, Fashion, Environmental and social sustainability

Description of the initiative

An imaginary "No Waste Association" is launching a campaign about a no waste attitude in fashion - to design and to easy recycle the garments after use.The association invites fashion designers and  brands to design a "No Waste Capsule" of products with the maximum attention in no wasting materials, saving time/energy, avoid useless treatments or accessories, easy disassembling etc..The students will choose a designer/brand and will design the "No Waste Capsule" following the iconic message of the designer/brand.By this workshop the students are invited to  consider all the different aspects of designing a product with a specific message, through the following steps: 
  • Philosophy: "No Waste". The students will  design  products using the minimum possible waste of fabrics/materials, they will examine the essential or unnecessary treatments and accessories, they will study how to avoid useless workmanship in terms of saving labour and energy, they will explore the possibility to design a garment considering the after-use-recycling.
  • Culture: they will study which are the iconic message in terms of image and communication about the designer/brand in order to define the essential DNA. This will be achieved by studying  its products and communication (advertising, fashion shows, website, social, events, celebrities, eventual social output etc.)
  • Creativity: they will design a new look/item which will represent the brand and will deliver a compact focused no-waste message to the market.
  • Technique: the students will design and produce the garment (one item or one outfit).
  • Strategy: they will study a sustainable capsule to be delivered and communicated to the market.


dal January 2022 a March 2022


DateOn-line meeting in Italian  time
Finland   Mon 17.1.202114:00-17:00+1 hMon 24.1.202114:00-17:00 Mon 31.1.202114:00-17:00 Mon 7.2.202114:00-17:00 Thu 17.2.202114:00-17:00 Thu 24.2.202114:00-17:00 Thu 3.3.202114:00-17:00 Thu 17.3.202114:00-17:00  + Arctic Design Week, Finland, from  21st to -27th MARCH 2022


To attend the second part of the international workshop POLIMI students will have to travel to Rovaniemi in March 2022 and cover the expenses for travel and accommodation.

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