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Description of the initiative

The activity consists of a hackathon that will involve different skills to identify ideas and projects on the theme of sport and disability, a design marathon open to young student, makers and others, but also addressed to people with disabilities, and associations and volunteers who want to give their contribution or even just offer their experience on the subject.

As Mantua has been selected as European City of Sport for the year 2019, the initiative focuses on the design of spaces, devices and equipment to make indoor and outdoor sports accessible to all.

The hackathon will begin in the morning of 25 September 2019 and will end in the afternoon of 27 September 2019 with the presentation and awarding of the designed solutions, and will continue with the presentation of the results within the activities of the Researchers' Night 2019, promoted and coordinated by the Design and Fundraising Office of the City of Mantua.


The H-Able project has been organized in collaboration with ForMa - Formazione Mantova, a special company of the Province of Mantua, within the project "Mantova: Widespread territorial laboratory for innovation and employability".

For the formalization of the registration it is necessary to register in the hackathon in the manner indicated on the page www.formazionemantova.it/news/584-hackathon-h-able-disabilita-e-sport

All solutions designed and delivered will be exhibited on the occasion of the 2019 Researchers' Night; the jury will select three winning projects that will receive the following prizes: EUR 1500 for the first classified team; EUR 1000 for the second and EUR 500 for the third.


dal September 2019 a September 2019


25 - 26 - 27 settembre 2019dalle ore 09:30 alle 18:30

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