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  • Language: ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 12-02-2024to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development
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Bachelor's or Master's degree students from the School of Design or the School of Architecture, the following skills are also required

- photographic skills
- skills creating photo/video content for social platforms

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
1) Uploading 3 images to the Fuorisalone portal
1.1 Go to the registration page www.fuorisalone.it/it/ereporters/register;
1.2 If you have already participated in previous years go directly to point 1.4, otherwise make a new registration;
1.3 Check your e-mail (also spam and promotions folder) and click on the confirmation link;
1.4 Log in to the private area with your data;
1.5 Insert your profile photo (square format) and a short presentation in Italian and English (if you have already participated in the past, check that they are up to date);
1.6 Then upload 3 photos taken by you that represent you and associate them with the "e.Reporter Application" event (selfies do not count).

If you are selected, you will be invited to a launch call and presentation of this edition's brief.
Fuori Salone 2024
Communication design, Product design

Description of the initiative

The initiative consists of 1 activity during Fuorisalone 2023
e.Reporter Fuorisalone
The e.Reporter project was founded in 2003 as a project dedicated to design, architecture and visual arts students with a particular passion for photography and audio-visual content. The intention has always been to tell the story of the Milan Design Week through several points of view. The Fuorisalone is an event open to everyone, not only to insiders: being the official e.Reporter of Fuorisalone.it means becoming part of a community that for years has been recounting the magical experience of the Milanese design week. More than 175,000 shots have been produced since 2003 and have become the event's historical and collective archive. All this thanks to the commitment of the e.Reporters who have taken part in this project over the years.
At the link www.fuorisalone.it/it/2023/ereporters you can see the e.Reporters of the 2023 edition and their photographic contributions.

What do you need?
- A digital camera and/or smartphone;
- Comfortable shoes;
- The freedom to take the Fuorisalone week as an opportunity to share your point of view;
- A public and active Instagram profile.

What does Fuorisalone.it provide?
- An official pass, which will allow you to be recognisable as a Fuorisalone.it e.Reporter
(NB: you can use the pass to guarantee your role, but it doesn't necessarily give you unconditional access to all Fuorisalone events);
- A section dedicated to you and your photos on the Fuorisalone.it website;
- You will be able to take part in photo contests and have your work recognised thanks to the support of Fuorisalone.it's partners (C41 magazine has already been confirmed).

What does engagement consist of?
1. Organise your week taking into account certain event/installation/theme lists and specific briefs that will be shared with you.
Check if you need to register in advance or have an invitation to access certain events or locations;
2. Pick up your Fuorisalone.it e.Reporter pass;
3. Take pictures!
4. Upload at least 15 photos per day (approx. 100 in all), selected and curated, to the site and combine them with the correct event cards;
5. Deliver a zip package via Wetransfer with all pictures taken (within 10 days);
6. Share your photos on your Instagram channel, tag them with the official hashtags, and contribute to the Fuorisalone 2024 story!


dal April 2024 a April 2024


5 aprile: lancio attività e formazione, lancio eventuali brief dei partner di Fuorisalone.it

15-21 aprile: Caricamento giornaliero su piattaforma Fuorisalone.it 
22 aprile-3 maggio: Verifica dei contenuti caricati ed attribuzione CFU

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