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  • Language: ENGLISH, ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 22-01-2024to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development|Tools
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Teacher in charge
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Interest in making videos and video animations.
Adequate knowledge of video processing software and live shooting techniques.

Max. number of students
Selection Criteria
Students in the third year of the Bachelor's programme in Communication Design.
Group/team composition (min. 3 people). CV and exams.
COMMUNICATION DESIGN, foto and video shooting, interviews, video animation
Communication design

Description of the initiative

Each year the master's degree courses of the School of Design organize a series of curricular workshops inviting foreign teachers and professionals to conduct these educational activities. With the intention of not only enhancing the activity itself but also documenting and communicating these opportunities, in the last 2 years, thanks to the collaboration with small groups of students, a series of video interviews with the invited teachers have been produced and published on the website of the Communication Design Courses (https: //www.designdellacomunicazione.polimi.it/testimonials-visiting/). On the occasion of the next workshop session, it is the intention of the Coordination of the CdS to allow students of the Degree Course in Communication Design the opportunity to make these videos. The selected group/team will have to carry out, in agreement with the Coordination of the Course of Studies, a minimum of 3 video interviews. These videos must, solutions for live shooting (during the works in the classroom), in the laboratory and/or via video call (for interviews), and the inclusion of examples of the projects resulting from the individual workshops. The selected project group/team will therefore have to carry out some live shots during the classroom work, agree with the teachers on the realization of a video interview (in the Image Lab), design the animated coordination elements customized to the 2023 series of videos, edit the videos for a maximum duration of 3-4 minutes, inserting examples of the projects resulting from the workshops.


dal January 2024 a March 2024


01/02/2024: selezione del gruppo/team, il coordinamento dell'attività contatterà il gruppo/team per istruirlo sulle modalità operative e fornire tutte le informazioni utili allo svolgimento.
05/02/2024 e 16/02/2024: riprese e interviste ai docenti titolari dei workshop presso il Laboratorio Immagine sotto la supervisione dei proff. Guida e Carbone.
Febbraio-Marzo 2024: elaborazione e montaggio video.
30/03/2023: chiusura attività.

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