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use of digital tools and program for design

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The selection will be based on the order of arrival up to the maximum number of 30 participants.
LM students Architecture and Design

Archeological Sites, Design, Exhibition, Museums, Reconstruction, Ukrainian Heritage, Virtual tour
Arts and craft, Smart cities and smart building, Communication and presentation skills, Interaction design, Communication design, Interior design, Product design, Service design, Artificial intelligence, Materials, Heritage and landscape, Surveying and monitoring

Description of the initiative

D4UH_ Design for Ukraine Heritage 
is a supportive initiative for Ukrainian museums and heritage institutions in collaboration with MEAN-European Nonviolent Action Movement. When we talk about design, we always mean projections towards the future, while now we are facing unfortunate events in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Ukraine's war has not only physically disrupted everyday life but also put the artistic and cultural heritage of this country at high risk. In fact, some of the most important Ukrainian museums have already been attacked by Russia. Now it's time for designers to contribute to helping the Ukrainian institutions to give visibility to their heritage by creating an aid network for the protection, preservation, restauration, raising awareness among institutions and establishing a digital archive.
The call for actionsDesign for Ukraine Heritage, which the Design School of the Politecnico di Milano is launching, aims to involve students, from Schools of Design and Architecture, to "built" all together the Virtual Museum of Ukrainian Museums. It will be designed in collaboration with 22 Ukrainian Museums and using videos, 3d models, mockups, pictures, etc. where is shown the impact that the war is having on buildings and artworks and how the institutions are trying to protect and save the heritage.
Participants will attend, 3 online presentations: an introduction when it will explained the situation in Ukraine and given the link with the different institutions (2 hour), 2 mid-term review (4 hours), a final presentation (2 hours). An in-person event will be organized later, in which the results of the collective research will be exhibited.


dal November 2022 a December 2022


November 7th - beginning of the project
Dec 10th - final submission

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