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Enrolled to the 4th/5th year of a 5-year graduation programme or the 1st/2nd year of a Master degree

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Motivation letter, curriculum, portfolio evaluation, academic record (average grade). Priority given to the students enrolled in the programs "Building Engineering/Architecture", "Civil Engineering", "Architectural Design and History" and "Building Architecture"
SUSTAINABILITY, Structural safety, modern architecture, reinforced concrete heritage
Environment and land planning, Communication and presentation skills, Engineering, Materials, Architectural and urban design, Heritage and landscape, Surveying and monitoring, Environmental and social sustainability, Structures

Description of the initiative

The CONCRETO Passion in Action initiative is part of a project bringing together 13 partners from 5 EU countries to promote the greenrehabilitation of European concrete architecture. Inspired by the Renaissance idea of the Artist's Shop or La Bottega, the CONCRETO alliance will work together on a learner-centred, innovative apprenticeship programme, where students and professionals will acquire and practice skills on real-life examples. The CONCRETO Partners recognise the lack of specialist skills available and the need to develop guidelines and standards for the quality regeneration and maintenance of our modern concrete buildings. From here, the innovative idea of creating a cross-sectoral knowledge flow, promoting best practices by fostering a new skill set to better equip professionals to become the experts of tomorrow.

CONCRETO envisions synchronous as well as asynchronous interaction with the participants, which will include a group comprised of students of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), learners from Vocational Education Training (VET) organizations, and professionals selected by the National Trade Associations of 3 countries. CONCRETO is defined as learner-centred, engaging and based on real life experience carried out in the Artist shop for concrete architecture and its rehabilitation methods

This year, CONCRETO will bring together 28 learners and more than 10 teachers from Italy, Spain and Turkey to participate, after an introductory online meeting, in a 10-day workshop (in-class lectures & hands-on practice) hosted at the Lecco Campus of the Politecnico di Milano, and a 2-week field activity at the UNESCO site in Ivrea (Italy), where the students will carry out maintenance and regeneration activities on selected buildings, contributing to their green sustainability.

The theoretical and practical knowledge will focus on 5 skill pillars: 1) concrete assessment and investigation; 2) concrete repair - traditional repair and electrochemical repair; 3) surface treatment; 4) concrete retrofitting and improvement of energy performance; 5) monitoring, maintenance and site management.

Supported by the Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation program, each selected PoliMI student will be entitled to a contribution for travel, subsistence, and accommodation expenses incurred during the activities in Ivrea. The maximum contribution is € 1,600.00 per student and will be reimbursed, upon submission of appropriate supporting documents, in the form of a mission expenses refund.

The activity entails the recognition of 6 surplus CFU and will be mentioned in the Diploma Supplement issued with the Graduation Certificate.


dal April 2024 a August 2024


CONCRETO STEPPINGSTONE: Introductory Online Training. 17-19 April 2024

CONCRETO MASTER YOUR SKILLS @ POLIMI Lecco Campus: Hybrid Learning - In class & in the field. 2-12 June 2024

CONCRETO MASTERPIECE @ IVREA UNESCO SITE: Summer Camp - Field School. 28 July-10 August 2024 or 11-24 August 2024


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