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  • Language: ITALIAN
  • Enrollment: 15-09-2023to hour 12:00 on
  • Subject area: Soft skill, personal and career development
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All activities will be conducted in Italian, so good comprehension, writing and interaction skills are required. Attendance is compulsory.

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critical capacity, discussion, multidisciplinarity, pubblic speaking
Interaction design, Communication design, Fashion design, Product design, Service design

Description of the initiative

Course taught by Professors Marco Maiocchi, Marisa Galbiati and Corrado Crisciani.
 University education, responding to the need for operability and excellence, privileges informative and methodological aspects, sometimes neglecting the critical vision of what is happening in the world and in the discipline studied, a condition amplified by an abundance of information (the Internet above all) and by deep-rooted commonplaces, reinforced by the media and fashions. But the critical capacity to operate consciously and to construct one's own positions are indispensable qualities for a good designer.
We propose a course of critical reflections on many topics that are often taken for granted: contrasting interventions in pairs, each on a specific theme. The lecturers will support one or the other position within the proposed antinomies and will call on the students to take a position, through in-depth analysis and criticism, developing dialectical, research and reflection skills.
The course corresponds to a continuation of previous teaching experiences conducted by the course coordinators By way of example, in past years some of the topics covered have been:

Art, design and the market
The role of video communication in today's society
Consumer music and cultured music
Law and codes of law
Artificial intelligence and human responsibility
Universal Suffrage: inevitable?
Synthetic flesh: inevitable?
Education at the Polytechnic: at whose service?
Law in the age of autonomous machines

The course sees the extensive presence of outsiders, well-known personalities from the worlds of music, science, medicine, technology, etc., who are present not simply as speakers, but as participants in the debate.
The course usually ends with the production of a book that collects all the contributions, from lecturers, guests and students, and which is given as a gift to all participants.
By way of example, in past years, Albert (rapper), Enrico Baleri (designer), Alessandro Biamonti (Professor of Design, Milan Polytechnic), Giorgio Bozzini (Surgeon, Head of S. Anna, Como), Umberto Cugini (Professor Emeritus Politecnico, Mechanics), Dijon de Moraes (Designer and Rector of the University of Design of Belo Horizonte, BR), Francesco Galli (Lecturer Iulm), Giuseppe Giusti (Dentist), Enrico Intra (Musician and Lecturer in Jazz), Daniel Levi (Neurosurgeon and Astrophysicist), Silvia Limongelli (Lecturer in Piano, Milan Conservatory of Music), Stefania Maniscalco (lawyer), Alberto Marelli (lawyer), Gianluca Massiotta (architect and set designer), Alessandro Melchiorre (Director of the Conservatory of Music, Milan), Roberta Orio (photographer), Marco Poma (Metamorphosi, videomaker), Marco Rapattoni (piano teacher, Milan Conservatory of Music), Mario Taddei (multimedia artist) and others.


dal October 2023 a December 2023


Venerdì mattina:

- ottobre: 6, 20, 27
- novembre: 3, 10, 17, 24
- dicembre: 1, 15

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