Sponsor an initiative

Politecnico di Milano works in partnership with companies in order to help them manage their promotion projects. With the support of the Fundraising Office, companies identify and define their promotion targets and the relevant implementation channels.

We offer companies the following promotion opportunities:

Funding an institutional initiative by Politecnico

Becoming a sponsor of an institutional activity gives the occasion for great visibility and co-branding and associates the company with the values of technological innovation, culture and design that characterize one of the leading technical universities in Europe. Some of the institutional program that can be supported:

Offering discounts and reductions

We are willing to offer students and graduates special and favorable conditions to buy certain goods and services through agreements (go to Products and Services at Special Condition).

Patronize a competition in the Politecnico

In agreement with the educational structure of reference, we can cooperate in order to promote, within the university, external business projects reserved to alumni and to students: technical competitions, calls for ideas, etc.


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