Canteens and Dining Options

Following the entry into force of DECREE-LAW no. 30 of 13 March 2021, including further measures to contain and combat COVID-19 epidemiological emergency, the catering areas will have the following opening hours:

Leonardo Campus Building 2 - Polidistrict Compass

  • Cafe (mon-fri 8.00-14.30) 
  • Corso Italia (mon-fri 12.00-14.30) 

Leonardo Campus Building 14 (Nave) - Polidistrict Caffè Bonardi

  • Cafe (suspended service)

Campus Leonardo Building 26 via Golgi - Tailor Food’n Kitchen Pellegrini

  • Coffee Lab (mon-fri 7.30-18.00)
  • Self Service (mon-fri 11.30-14.30)

Bovisa La Masa Campus Building B24 - Tailor Food’n Kitchen Pellegrini

  • Coffee Lab (mon-fri 7.30-15.00)
  • Self Service (mon-fri 11.30-14.30)

Bovisa Durando Campus 

  • Bistrot Politecnico (mon-fri 11.00-18.00)

Bovisa Lambruschini Campus Building BL 27 - Polidistrict Unico

  • Cafe (mon-fri 8.00-18.00)

Take-out is guaranteed at all catering points.

At the Leonardo campus a service for booking and collecting meals through smart lockers (located at self service Corso Italia) is also available: please register on the website, download the app “My Lunch” and make the reservation by 11.30. Through the app you can check the dedicated menu with the price list. Take-out is guaranteed at all catering points.

At the "Piano" campus a service for booking and collecting meals is available through the vending machines located on the first floor of Building 11.

Microwave ovens

There are areas with microwave ovens available for students that can be used for free.

Leonardo Campus

  • Building 14 (“Nave”) - fourth and sixth floor 
  • Building 26 - next to the rooms L.26.01, L.26.02, L.26.03, L.26.04
  • Building 11 - first floor 
  • Building 5 - ground floor, next to the rooms Castigliano and Beltrami
  • Building 32.3 - first floor, via Colombo, 40

Bovisa Campus

  • Building B2 - Via Candiani, 72 - floor -1
  • Building B6 - Via Candiani, 72 - third floor
  • Building B7 - Via Durando, 38/A - ground floor
  • Building B8 - ground floor
  • Building B10 - fourth floor
  • Building B12 - Via La Masa, 34 - ground and first floor
  • Building B15 - Via La Masa, 34 - ground floor
  • Building BL27 - Via Lambruschini, 4 - ground floor

Other Campuses

For information about the dining options available in the other Campuses: