Sensorized wheel

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Politecnico di Milano


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Massimiliano Gobbi, Gianpiero Mastinu, Stefano Dell'Agostino


The invention consists in a particular type of wheel for motor vehicles, i.e. cars or trucks, equipped with a system capable of measuring the vertical load acting on the wheel.

The goal is the simplification of sensor installation and maintenance by studying its positioning. In fact, unlike other already known systems, to equip vehicles with this system it is sufficient to replace the wheel.

Specifically, the sensor consists of a capacitor able to detect the deformation of the wheel, which generates a relative movement between two armatures of a capacitor. This movement leads to a different electrical signal emitted by the capacitor, which is sent to a module that determines the vertical load on the wheel.

This system is extremely versatile as it can be mounted on different types of wheels and it is always easy to reach also changing its position on the wheel. Placement examples are: a slot obtained on the surface of the rim like the channel for housing the tire, or on a spoke if the wheel is provided, or even if the wheel has a frontal disc, the sensor is located between the front axle and the wheel.

The system can be easily enriched also with a tire pressure and temperature sensors, which makes the measurement even more accurate.

Campo di applicazione

Sensorized wheels for the automotive sector.


<p align="justify"> Systems that detect load on wheels already exist, but in most cases they are mounted in places extremely difficult, or even impossible, to reach in case of maintenance. </p> <p align="justify"> This invention, however, can overcome this problem and gives more accurate measurements by making it independent of the blend type. </p>

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