Entrance test

The test of Design will be held on 13th July, 2022

For more information, you can check the call of Design (in Italian) of the academic year 2022/2023:

Bando Laurea Design 2022-2023 (English translation of official call which is only in Italian language) 

How to apply 

Please note that each of the following steps is compulsory:

a) Register online in order to obtain the credentials (person code and password) to access Politecnico di Milano Online Services (please note: multiple registrations will cause problems, please remember your credentials and use them every time you need to access the “online services”)

b) Pre-register to the test at the following link “Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) and five- year single-cycle programmes: entrance or discharge tests and enrolment” within 30th June 

c) Pay for the admission test, the cost is 30 euros.

d) After having passed the entrance test and within the deadline for the enrolment, students will have to enroll online and hand in the required documents to the International Students Office.

Places available

Below are the places available in the quota reserved for candidates with a foreign high school diploma who have applied for a visa to study at the relevant Italian Diplomatic Representative.

The numbers in brackets refer to the places reserved for Chinese students enrolled in the Marco Polo programme, provided they pass the entry test.

You can check the Campus location on the map available at this link and on the Campus sites.

Design School

  • Interior Design (Milano Bovisa Campus): 10 (4 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Communication Design (Milano Bovisa Campus): 5 (2 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students) 
  • Fashion Design (Milano Bovisa Campus): 5 (2 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)
  • Product Design (Milano Bovisa Campus): 20 (10 of which are reserved for Marco Polo students)

After the test: enrolment

To know if you are eligible for registration, wait until the ranking is published. If you have obtained the minimum score required to pass the test it doesn’t mean you have an adequate ranking position, which is needed to register.

The rankings will be published on the website.

Ranking publication: 10.30 am on 18th July 2022.

For those who have an adequate ranking score, registration will be from 10.30 am on 18th July 2022 to 11.59 pm on 26th July 2022.