Archive of Competitions for temporary positions PNRR - Mission 4 - Component 2 "From research to business"

Department of Chemistry Materials and Chemical Engineering

A call for applications is issued for the recruitment of 1 full-time  researcher with a fixed-term contract pursuant to art. 24, paragraph 3, section a), of Law No. 240 (issued on 31.12.2010) - Competition sector: 09/D2 - SYSTEMS, METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES OF CHEMICAL AND PROCESS ENGINEERING, issued with Directorial Decree No. 10298 of 10/10/2022, published on the University Register on 14/10/2022 - ECOSYSTEM OF INNOVATION "Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action (MUSA)" - Procedure code 2022_RTDA_DCMC_10

Deadline: 03-11-22
Online publication date: 14-10-22
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