Interruption of studies

Academic year 2020/2021

Interruption of studies is automatically applied if you do not renew your registration by paying university tuition fees within the deadlines provided. You cannot attend lectures, take exams, obtain changes of programme, transfers or other measures, obtain any financial aid.

If you already paid for first instalment of the current year and you interrupt your studies without paying the second instalment, this second amount, including additional late payment, will be charged when you decide to resume your studies.

Resumption of studies

If you want to resume your studies after a period of interruption, you must contact the Registrar’s Office to request that the amount of the payment be made available in the Online Services. We suggest you to regularize your position within the deadline provided for payment of 1st instalment of the ongoing academic year tuition fees, in order to not pay the additional late payment for payment of 1st instalment in late.

Attention: it is possible to resume your studies only if your condition is not of "loss of student status".

How much do you have to pay

The total amount is calculated by the sum of:

  • 254.00€ for each academic year of interruption ("diritto fisso di ricognizione")
  • any missing payments related to your last registration before interruption of studies (including any additional payment)
  • tuition fees and contributions of the ongoing academic year